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Business and Technology Solutions

Fujitsu Business Solutions helps companies and government departments who need to respond to the challenge of planning, delivering and operating IT in a complex and changing business environment.

Working with teams in both IT and business departments, we can deliver the best outcomes for your customers, employees and stakeholders. We do this by working with you to identify the most important business outcomes you need to deliver, then by helping to design the programs of work that will impact the processes, people and technology to deliver those outcomes.

This outcome-based approach ensures that what we do tactically tomorrow delivers strategic benefits in the next year and beyond. Our experience in managing large, complex, transformational IT programs in both private and public sectors means that as well as understanding technology, we understand the importance of managing people and process change to deliver business benefits successfully.

Sustainability picture of a smiling man drawing a rising line on glass

Does your information, communication and technology (ICT) strategy align with your broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals? Or do you see scope for energy-efficiency improvements across your IT estate?

Smart Grid Dynamic_Infrastructures_Magazine_cover_2_lpr

There have been growing expectations for Smart Grid, a next-generation distribution network that uses ICT technology to optimize power supply.

Technical Computing Leadvisual_x10sure_-_Detail_4_lpr

Fujitsu is working together with its customers on projects that will bring the dreams of humanity to fruition in scientific and technical fields such as Aerospace, Meteorology, Astronomy, and other leading edge research...