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Setting the sustainability benchmark

Does your organization’s information, communication and technology (ICT) strategy correspond with your broader corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals? Fujitsu helps you pinpoint potential energy-efficiency improvements across your IT estate and develop business cases to achieve long-term savings.

Today, you and your customers are expected to account for the ecological footprint and cost of business operations and the enabling information, communication and technology. ICT already accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and this figure is set to double by 2020. On the other hand, ICT has the potential to enable an annual 15% reduction in emissions for society as a whole over the same period.

We can help you assess the full environmental impact of your ICT assets and explore ways of optimizing your business across the entire lifecycle. Our extensive, step-by-step ICT sustainability program delivers tangible outcomes linked to clear business objectives.

As a result of energy-efficiency improvements across your IT estate, we will help you achieve the following:

  • Align your ICT strategy with your broader CSR goals
  • Use technology to enable business process change
  • Drive down your environmental footprint
  • Benchmark your organization with respect to best practices
  • Reduce your operational and capital costs – all at your own pace.

Read on to find out how we can answer your concrete business needs.

An Enduring Partnership

The challenge of developing a truly sustainable business is knowing how to balance environmental considerations with economic drivers. At Fujitsu, we have repeatedly shown that we turn words into meaningful actions. In fact, sustainability is an integral part of our philosophy, known as the "Fujitsu Way". This guiding principle dictates that “in all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society”. Fujitsu has been taking such steps for the past four decades, and is now recognized as a thought leader in terms of the development and implementation of sustainable business strategies.

This means we are in the best posoition to offer an optimum set of consultancy skills to develop and deliver the sustainability program that your business needs. As seen by our many success stories worldwide.