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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware VDI

Companies of each size are faced with various IT related challenges when it comes to workplace computing. IT departments have to deliver a seamless user experience with no downtime while at the same time they have to add value to the company. Users want to be able to access their data from any device, be it a notebook, tablet, thin client or regular desktop, ideally from wherever they are, at whatever time they want. Trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) propel the need for new ways of providing and deploying desktop workplaces. Employees do not want to bother about versioning of their data and access rights defined by the operating system in use. Companies want to deploy the operating system most suitable for their application landscape.

Organizations with limited staff and tight IT budgets need an affordable solution that can help them build an IT infrastructure that’s simple to deploy and manage, flexible enough to operate with their current needs, and can easily scale for future growth. This is why many companies are looking at Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Dedicated demands

  • More flexible and simplified desktop infrastructure fitting to the current and future requirements of the business processes as well as user needs
  • Decoupled hardware, operating system and software stack
  • Simple entry into VDI, even when starting from scratch
  • Virtual desktop roaming between various endpoint devices
  • Fujitsu offers a rich set of private cloud enabling services to ensure delivery of private cloud projects on schedule, within budget and compatible with our customer’s business processes
  • Load balancing and high availability
  • Scalability and extensibility
  • Set-up without the need for deeply technical skills
At the same time, modern Industry Standard Servers and their immense performance explosion in recent years have impacted companies of every size. Up-to-date servers are equipped with multi-core processors, which means, that every physical processor contains several logical cores. The enormous computing power can hardly be utilized efficiently with conventional software architectures. That is why a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) runs a specified number of Virtual Machines (VMs) on each single core, thereby making more efficient use of the computing power of each server.

The number of VMs that can be hosted by a server depends not only on the CPU performance of the physical server, this includes also the individual resource demand of memory, network bandwidth, I/O throughput and disk capacity of the applications encapsulated in the VMs.

In order to realize the full benefits of VDI, it is important to match computing needs of the users with server requirements. In practice, this could lead to fitting the greatest number of VMs onto a physical server without reducing the overall performance for the end user.

In addition, VDI means that much more flexible computing environments can be set up:
  • Older/ existing operating systems can be run on the latest front end hardware
  • Applications can be started very flexibly on any endpoint device
  • Image management is made much easier and can be largely automated
  • Better availability can be achieved, something that would be too complex and expensive for most medium-sized businesses using conventional architectures and desktop deployment methods

PRIMEFLEX for VMware VDI provides integrated solutions based on pre-sized, pre-configured and pre-installed Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and VMware software components.

PRIMEFLEX for VMware VDI is designed for VMware® infrastructures and contains pre-configured and pre-installed PRIMERGY servers in combination with up to 42 virtual machines. This gives you the choice to use an individual number of access devices, while also leaving you with the possibility for expansion in future. And for customers looking to reinvigorate their IT resources without the worry of expensive setup costs, these integrated systems also contain your key components to administer the server with mouse and keyboard. If required, an optional network switch and midspans for Power-over-Ethernet as well as other maintenance services are available.

Best suited to small and medium sized offices using a standard application environment, PRIMEFLEX for VMware® VDI is readily installed without needing lengthy technical consults. As the server is pre-configured before delivery, small offices which may not have the time or resources to manage a complicated overhaul can easily experience the VDI revolution.

Advantages of using validated PRIMEFLEX integrated systems for VDI:
  • Offload the IT department and let it add value to the company
  • Tap into VDI without the implementation risk
  • Start from scratch or utilize an existing infrastructure