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Fujitsu has developed software for many customers. We are proud of our created solutions. Subsequently a small extract of our clients is brought out.

Software development

  • X-tee (Data exchange layer which connects Estonian basic databases) – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Estonian Informatics Centre
  • Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA)
  • Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
  • Estonian Ministry of the Interior
  • Elion
  • Citizenship and Migration Board
  • Tartu University
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • Estonian National Communications Board
  • Ergo Insurance
  • The Estonian Genome Project
  • Centre of Registers and Information Systems
  • Estonian Energy
  • And many others

Microsoft Business Solutions – MS Dynamics NAV

  • Enterprise Estonia
  • Fujitsu Sweden Dräger Safety AB
  • EAS
  • Ordi
  • Kanal 2
  • Saaremere Kala
  • Rekato
  • TTÜ
  • And some more…

Near-shore projects

Most of our outdoor projects are done in collaboration with other Fujitsu group companies.

  • Cell Telecom Ltd, Symbian and Sony Ericsson AB
  • Fujitsu Sweden, Insera AB and Sandvik AB
  • Fujitsu Denmark, Copenhagen Business School
  • Fujitsu Finland
  • Nice-business Solutions Finland Oy
  • and many more …