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  3. Fujitsu ranked as the highest quality large corporation in Finland

Fujitsu ranked as the highest quality large corporation in Finland


Tallinn, november 24, 2014 Today Fujitsu Finland Oy has won first place in the competition arranged by the Finnish Quality Association, looking for Finland’s highest quality organization in different categories. We were number one in the large corporation category, and received the Recognised for Excellence 5 star emblem for our use for two years.

”We can be proud of our stars – thanks to all Fujitsu employees for work well done!” says Fujitsu Finland’s Managing Director Lasse Rautio.

The development achieved must not be taken for granted; it has required conscious decisions and determined long-term action.

We have been working on quality for over 20 years in the whole organization. The Lean thinking we have adopted guides us to always strive for the better and work smarter.

We know how to involve and inspire

The quality of operations is evaluated using the European Foundation for Quality Management model, EFQM. There are nine core areas of assessment in total, and they cover the operations and results of the whole organization. The assessment areas portray the organization’s operations, its methods of self-assessment, improvement and the results achieved.

Fujitsu Finland has applied the EFQM model to its operations since 2005. We took part in the quality competition last in 2009, when we got a 4 star recognition.

Last June assessors conducted over 70 interviews in our Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu offices and scored our operations.

The assessors consider our key strengths to be our ability to involve, empower and inspire our personnel, mobilization of strategy, continuous development, Lean thinking, customer orientation, human resource management and our values.

We got a number of suggestions for development as well. The list includes making collaboration with external stakeholders more systematic, mobilisation of partnership management process, making our KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) more comprehensive and utilising them more, more systematic comparison of our results to e.g. our competitors, and checking our goal levels. Sustainable development is also a topic that is not yet clearly visible in all our operations.

”These are the next steps to focus on. Even though the recognition is a great thing, we mustn’t rest on our laurels. We aim at excellent performance also going forward,” Lasse Rautio points out.

More information:

Tiina Laiho
Head of Legal, Commercial and Business

Date: 24 november, 2014
City: Tallinn