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  3. Z.I.E.L. GmbH helps travel agencies to cut costs

Z.I.E.L. GmbH helps travel agencies to cut costs

"Thanks to desktop virtualization based on PRIMERGY servers and Zero Clients, our customers can drastically cut costs while improving performance and reliability at the same time."

Gerd Laatz Executive Managing Director, Z.I.E.L. GmbH

Developed by experienced tourism specialists

Z.I.E.L. products are well-known for their extreme ease of use. The specialists at Z.I.E.L. have gained practical experience in addressing the needs of travel agencies for many years, and they are very familiar with all aspects of the tourism business. Since 1984 the experts at Z.I.E.L. have applied their practical know-how to the development of software products and services for travel agencies, offering their customers “Specialization without Compromises”. Today some 1,500 business enterprises rely on know-how from Z.I.E.L.

The mission: to exploit savings potential in travel agencies

Z.I.E.L. knows that travel agencies have very thin margins, and that IT accounts for a large share of their business costs. Often travel agencies reduce their office space and delay hardware investments in an effort to save money. But keeping old hardware means that energy costs remain quite high. And when working in smaller offices, problems related to dust and temperature arise and can lead to frequent system outages. What’s more, if the customer does not have professional data backup, the business risks can be extremely high. Local hardware suppliers are not in a position to help travel agencies because they do not have specific knowledge of the tourism industry, which is essential when addressing IT issues in travel agencies. Recognizing this fact, Z.I.E.L. decided to supplement its existing portfolio of software and services with a hardware solution designed specifically for travel agencies.


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