Do the right thing

At Fujitsu, we shape next generation solutions that support today's businesses and have a positive impact on society. We believe that technology should Influence the way the world travels, the way the world is powered and the way we can enhance learning. If you want to work with a business who believes that doing the right thing is part of everything, come and be Inspired at Fujitsu Estonia.

Fujitsu Values

People join Fujitsu because they share our passion about Human Centric Innovation and Digital Co-creation. In order to thrive in a new digital society, it is crucial to co-create and innovate with our customers and partners across industries. At Fujitsu, we want to harness the talent of all our employees to be able to make a difference and create an exciting future for all. Please find below our Employment Value Proposition:

Value proposition

At Fujitsu there are many things we value, and where we stand for.

We Value:

  • Our employees, who respect diversity and support individual growth
  • Our customers, as we seek to be their valued and trusted partner
  • Our business partners, with whom we build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Technology, as we seek to create new value through innovation
  • Quality, as we enhance the reputation of our customers and the reliability of social infrastructure

We Strive:

  • That in all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society
  • To meet the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders
  • To seek continuously increase our corporate value
  • To think and act from a global perspective

You can find more of our values and what we strive for here

Responsible Business

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Fujitsu we are committed to being a truly global ICT corporation that stays responsive to the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders. In this light, we have established a Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

CSR Policy

CSR in the Fujitsu Group is practiced by implementing the FUJITSU Way. In all its business activities, by implementing the FUJITSU Way in light of the expectations and needs of multiple stakeholders, the Fujitsu Group contributes to the sustainable development of society and the planet. In practicing CSR, we demonstrate a commitment to responsible business operations as a global ICT company by specifying priority issues and working to address them.

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