Key Outstanding Feature:
Maximized flexibility with cost-effective server virtualization.

Easy management with built-in high availability mechanism
Unlimited Windows Server Guest Operating System license at no extra cost
Management of Fujitsu Storage is fully integrated and compatible with Microsoft System Center
Server Configuration (per server):
 - 2 x E5-2630v2
 - 32G Ram
 - 2 x 300G(Mirror)
 - 2 x 8G Fiber Channel Adapter
 - 1 x Window Server 2012 DataCenter OEM
Storage Configuration:
 - Dual Controller in 8G Fiber Channel
 - 10 x 600G Shared HDD Pool
Special add-on:
 - Additional 32G Ram to each server
 - Upgrade from 8G to 16G Fiber Channel
 * Installation is not included in the package price and is subject to scope of work
Terms and Conditions:
1. The promotion is valid until 30 Nov 2014.
2. The promotion offer applies to Hong Kong and Macau markets only.
3. All pictures are for reference only.
4. In case of disputes, decision of Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited remains final.

Program code: bfy14q2mu02
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