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Fujitsu Semiconductor sponsored and participated in 2014 China Security Technology Development Summit

On October 29, 2014, Fujitsu Semiconductor sponsored and participated in “2014 China Security Technology Development Summit” during “2014 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security”. The summit was themed “Big data and smart security”, and discussed related technology, product, standard, as well as their application and development prospect in public security, industry and alarm operation area. Related chip, telecommunication and network companies were invited to join the discussion of technology and application.

Mr. Holmes Shen, Senior Manager of Fujitsu Semiconductor, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Milbeaut ISP-Overall surveillance camera solution with Fujitsu professional image processor”, addressing the role of traditional advantageous product of Fujitsu Semiconductor - professional image processor Milbeaut in ever-changing security surveillance market. Fujitsu Semiconductor will launch M8M Soc product which will support 4K picture quality at 30 frames per second. In addition to outstanding image and video processing technology, this product serves customers with many features and functions which are more intelligent, closer to the user demand and focus more on details, including Motion HDR, De-fog Correction, area masking and amplification, extra HD video stream capture, H.264 encoding: 4K@30fps; HD1080P@120fps.

Mr. Holmes Shen, Senior Manager of Marketing Department of Fujitsu Semiconductor,
delivering speech