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Public Sector

Government IT solutions, consulting and business benefits

Fujitsu Services has been powering government for more than 40 years. Our services enable critical functions of government at national, local, regional and devolved levels, touching the lives of millions of citizens and employees every day. We see ourselves as partners in the public service, proud of our record and determined to contribute wherever we can to the evolution of the very best services for the whole community.

Our commitment to the public sector is deep, long-term and creative. We believe in the continuous renewal of public services in pursuit of greater value for money, higher responsiveness to citizens' needs, and stronger competitiveness for our economy. These are the goals our technical skills and resources serve. 

IT Solutions for Local Government

Our services to the public sector range from industry consulting services through to the implementation of solutions.
We help local government achieve step changes in efficiency, productivity and service quality.

We can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs with astonishingly effective IT outsourcing arrangements. We're currently improving performance and reducing costs for local authorities all over the Nordic region.

Defense and National Security: IT Services and Solutions

When conditions are at their worst, IT must be at its best. Life or death systems need to work in tents and tin huts, in the field and on frigates, and at the front line of terror whether that’s in a dusty war zone or on a busy tube on our home soil.

Then there’s change. Military and agency needs vary widely. Operational tempos alter all the time. How do you make sure your technology is always up to the task?

Fujitsu Defence & National Security has the answer – a partnership of shared attitudes and objectives whose focus is on getting the job done, contracts and conventions notwithstanding.

For over 40 years, Fujitsu has been a trusted supplier to the MoD and National Security agencies, delivering as promised, exceeding expectations as standard.