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Fujitsu Videos

A series of supercomputing films have been developed, featuring Fujitsu Executives talking about various supercomputer related topics - from innovation, to supercomputing for a safer world. They include real examples of how we are working together with cutting edge research organizations to develop and exploit supercomputing capability which assist you, your business, and society as a whole.

Many of these videos are also available on our YouTube FujitsuHPC's channel.


A golden age for high performance computing

A cancer researcher talks about how supercomputing enables her to discover new drugs


Shaping tomorrow together

Supercomputing - together we can help shape tomorrow


Supercomputing for a healthy world

Kenji Ikegai, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President Business solutions talks about applying supercomputing power and speed in the medical and economic fields, to help make a healthier world.


Supercomputing and collaboration

Masahiro Koezuka, Corporate Executive Vice President at Fujitsu, in charge of Corporate Strategy talks about how the development of the K computer was the result of collaboration with governments and academic institutions.


Developing the next generation of supercomputers

Yuji Oinaga, Head of Next Generation Technical Computing Unit talks about the development of the K computer, the computing power of "k", and how computer performance continues to grow at a massive rate.


Innovation with supercomputers

Hideyuki Saso, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, talks about the impact of supercomputers in product development, how we are using computer simulation in "clean development."


Supercomputing for a safer world

Masahiko Yamada, President of Fujitsu's Technical Computing Solutions Unit talks about the development of supercomputers over the past 20 years. He explains how fast a supercomputer is, and how they are being used to help with essential social infrastructure...the beginning of an new ICT era.


Supercomputers and Big Data: The Next Big Thing

Rod Vawdrey, President Global Business Group, Fujitsu, talks about exploring the application of supercomputing and how supercomputing power can be made available to business.