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Sustainability Successes

Whether it is the conservation of valuable resources through server virtualization and desktop consolidation, commissioning our data center services or the development of human centric applications, Fujitsu delivers proven sustainable ICT solutions to every industry, every day. 
Here are some of how we’re working with customers around the world to deliver sustainability solutions that positively impact business and society:


Growing lettuce with Fujitsu Cloud 

Utilising Fujitsu Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Fujitsu grows lettuce that is low in potassium so that it can be consumed by dialysis patients and people with chronic kidney disease. We are able to track all of the plant information from Windows tablets through the cloud. These solutions will be able to help other agriculture and manufacturing companies transform their businesses. 

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Achieving resilience through ICT 

In recent years, we have seen an increase in climate-change related extreme weather events which have negatively impacted sectors such as agriculture. ICT solutions, such as Fujitsu’s Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud, help to develop resilience against these events and feed a growing population. Fujitsu’s data-driven solution uses sensors and cloud technology to measure and control the environment in fields and greenhouses. In Japan, Fujitsu has built a fully enclosed factory for growing plants with the Akisai solution – using data to grow seasonal crops year round, grow vegetables without chemicals or pesticides and contribute to a more stable, efficient farm environment. By aggregating and analyzing data from farms worldwide, ICT can even help solve global food shortages. 

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Transforming farming with ICT 

Aeon's farms use Fujitsu's Akisai cloud computing service as the basis for daily farm operation and monitoring. Workers use tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices to gather data on farming operations, checking pesticide or fertilizer use while also keeping track of operational costs. This results in a time saving of up to 80% and eliminates manual-input errors. 

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Developing sustainable sake rice crops 

Sake brewer Asahi Shuzo needed to ensure a stable procurement of sake rice for its Dassai brand sake. They implemented Akisai, Fujitsu's cloud service for the food and agricultural industries. With this, Asahi Shuzo aims to increase total production of the Yamada Nishiki rice variety. 

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Optimizing energy use in factories 

Factories that have already spent many years reducing their energy consumption find it difficult to propose and implement additional improvement measures. To help Fujitsu has developed an Environmental Management Dashboard as a tool for accurately identifying energy usage and providing key information for making further efficiency improvements. 

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Avoiding emissions in manufacturing through digital prototyping 

The Fujitsu Virtual Product Simulator (FJVPS) is an advanced manufacturing industry solution that allows manufacturing companies to create virtual prototypes of their products, machines or other items instead of having to physically manufacture them. FJVPS provides a simple design operation, using 3D-CAD, to allow people of all levels of experience to design their own prototypes, detect faults and improve design quality. The Virtual Product Simulator helps customers improve quality by detecting 50-80% of design errors, shortening the development period and associated costs by 50%, reducing necessary man hours by 30-40% and achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions of 30%. 

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Smart Cities

Energy Management for Cities using Enetune-BEMS 

Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Enetune-BEMS enables the Date-city in Fukushima, Japan to efficiently and effectively limit power consumption during peak hours. This is achieved by centrally managing 32 public facilities and schools from government office PCs. The city workers can designate sites that require priority treatment. 

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Promoting the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles 

Fujitsu developed Japan's first system for managing information on hydrogen stations to support the launch of the Mirai, a new fuel-cell vehicle from Toyota. Fujitsu’s hydrogen station data management service enables people to access real-time information on the location and hours of operation of hydrogen stations, which supply hydrogen to fuel-cell vehicles. 

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Traffic Management Solution using SPATIOWL 

Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL is a cloud service that utilizes location information. By accessing the SPATIOWL application from a browser at toll road control centers, Indonesian toll road management company PT. Marga Utama Nusantara can obtain information for use in instructing drivers on when roads are congested, when there are accidents, and when a disaster occurs. 

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Improving Disaster Response and Management using sensors and smartphones 

Extensive flooding in 2002, 2007, 2012, and 2013 affected a large number of residents and the regional economy of Indonesia's Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Since then, the region has sought to improve its disaster response capability and in December 2013 rolled out a Disaster Information Management System (DIMS) created by Fujitsu. DKI Jakarta Province Regional Disaster Management Agency can now respond much more quickly and accurately to unforeseen catastrophes, helping save lives and minimize destruction. 

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Avoiding CO2 through sharing of patient information 

HumanBridge, Fujitsu's SaaS-based regional medical network, helps to avoid CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for physical documentation, enabling online sharing of digital images and providing an online appointment reservation system. 

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Connecting Health Services and Hospitals to reduce CO2 and improve services 

Fujitsu partnered with the Ministry of Health in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to connect health services in multiple locations. In addition to cost savings, this also reduced the need for doctors, patients and their relatives to travel between provincial areas and the capital, cutting carbon emissions by 30%. 

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Further Case Studies

For more examples of our successful partnerships improving ICT sustainability, take a look at our complete ‘Sustainability’ case studies page.