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EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

EU GDPR is more than compliance

With Fujitsu, it’s readiness for a more secure digital future.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) is a hot topic for Boards, business leaders and IT teams alike. But it is not just about proving compliance to regulators after 25 May 2018. Foremost individuals will want to know that they can trust your organization to protect their personal data. So GDPR compliance will be critical to building trust and earning loyalty.

Fujitsu is ready to support your smooth transition to the new world of GDPR. Our services are designed not only to prepare your organization for compliance but to ensure you can continue to protect personal data into the future.

EU GDPR Readiness Assessment
Securing your digital future starts with understanding the data you currently have, where it resides in your systems and what measures you need to take to achieve GDPR compliance. Our fixed-price EU GDPR Readiness Assessment will do this for you.
By understanding the data you already have and where it is in your systems, you will be able to assess what you need to do to comply with the new regulation. You will also be able to use this opportunity to re-engage customers, build better profiles and target your communications over the coming months and years.

Our GDPR-trained specialists will help you answer the all-important first question: “Where are we today on the road to EU GDPR compliance?”

Based on the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data privacy domain model, we analyze what you currently do against the new requirements. This covers various aspects from your data security policies to privacy statements, existing technologies and IT infrastructure. Our EU GDPR Readiness Assessment will then give you an overview where you are on the road to compliance.


  • A scored readiness evaluation and graphical illustration of compliance gaps
  • A high level roadmap for GDPR compliance, with recommendations for immediate actions
  • The insights to start building a robust data protection framework and inform your future technology choices

Our EU GDPR Readiness Assessment is the ideal starting point on your journey. To work towards compliance and monetize the opportunities from EU GDPR, you can then select from our comprehensive suite of data privacy and protection services, e.g. Fujitsu EU GDPR Data Discovery Services, Fujitsu EU GDPR Gap Remediation and Fujitsu EU GDPR Data Loss Prevention.

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