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Charging Stations Management

Deployment of a platform to connect between the real-time operational data of hydrogen-charge station or EV motor cycle battery and its users.

Hydrogen Station Data Management Service

SPATIOWL provides a data management platform to manage the hydrogen station information for FCV (fuel-cell vehicle, a.k.a. hydrogen-fueled car) manufacturers, FCV drivers and hydrogen-charge station operators.

With SPATIOWL service, registered hydrogen suppliers can provide the FCV and the drivers with useful information regarding the locations, hours of operation and hydrogen capacity at stations of both fixed and mobile hydrogen stations (moving trucks loading and selling hydrogen) via the car-navigation systems, the driver's smartphones or other devices.
This service has already been launched in Japan.

SPATIOWL is being used for managing dynamic information of hydrogen station locations including moving trucks and operating hours and capacity.
It indicates to FCV drivers the closest hydrogen station by matching station information with FCV's current location.

Fujitsu has started a hydrogen station data management service.
See Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision customer stories for more details.
An Open Ecosystem towards a Hydrogen Society: Hydrogen Station Data Management Service [Toyota Motor Corporation Case Study]

ChargingStationsMgmt Diagram

Electric Scooters Battery Management Service

SPATIOWL provides the electric scooter drivers smartphone applications to monitor the remaining battery capacity and the possible location for the battery replacement, i.e., events such as when the scooter batteries need to be charged, when they need to be replaced, and information of the closest location of cassette-type batteries replacement and charging lockers.

Drivers are also able to check the distance they can travel based on predictions of remaining battery capacity. (Press release)


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