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Fujitsu and SAP

Fujitsu’s relationship with SAP stretches back many years to the founding days of SAP AG and the global technology alliance with Fujitsu Siemens Computers. The formal Fujitsu/SAP AG partnership now operates at both a local and global level. As well as our Global Technology Partner status, which was achieved in 2000, we also have been a Global SAP Services Partner since 2006 and were named a Global SAP Hosting Partner in 2007. With this, Fujitsu is one of the very few SAP partners to achieve global partnerships in Technology, Services, and Hosting. 
Fujitsu can provide a compelling end-to-end service and technology offering to customers worldwide, incorporating the latest SAP solutions as well as first-hand support, while also ensuring that our own product development remains closely in line with that of SAP. This combined offering enables companies anywhere around the globe to boost competitiveness by optimizing their overall operations using SAP's business applications based on Fujitsu's cutting edge, high reliability platform products and consulting services.