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Application Modernization

The Fujitsu Global Application Modernization service is designed to help your company make the most out of your older strategic applications by enabling them to provide business benefit in today’s digital environment. 

Our service focuses on your business requirements first and, through the modernization process, unleashes the enormous potential in existing applications. Your organization has almost certainly invested a great deal of time and effort in developing these systems to deliver your specific business requirements. With the Fujitsu Application Modernization service, you can go that extra step to improve longevity, usability, functionality and accessibility. We can also help you address issues such as vendor lock-in, high operating costs, technological redundancy, skills rarity and unacceptable time to market. 

Whatever your drivers are for undertaking a modernization project, Fujitsu has the skills and experience to guide you on your journey. Alongside our specialist partners, we cater for a complete range of business and technology requirements. From initial discussions right the way through to modernization delivery and ongoing support. Fujitsu combines a world class modernization service with global delivery.

Capabilities Capabilities

From Systems Analysis and Assessment to migration to cloud, Fujitsu has a full set of capabilities to support your migration.

Cloud Modernization cloud

Our migration services help clients move applications from non-compliant to cloud ready technology.

Partner Program Partners

To facilitate your modernization requirements, we partner with a number of best in class organizations.

Case Studies CaseStudies

Discover how Fujitsu has helped organizations around the world modernize their IT systems and get the most from legacy applications.

Why choose Fujitsu Application Modernization?

  • Our Application Modernization service has been developed over many years using best-of-breed tools and a proven delivery methodology.
  • Fujitsu can leverage resources, experience and skills across the globe to assist clients in the successful implementation of a modernization project.
  • Our partner network also has a deep and varied set of skills, tools and techniques that gives Fujitsu access to even greater capabilities and allows us to offer several options to move legacy applications forward. 
  • This extensive experience means we now have the capability to modernize in excess of 90% of the legacy technology challenges which are currently prevalent in a typical application portfolio.