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Uninterruptible Online Power Supply (UPS)

Fujitsu Technology Solutions VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) online UPS devices from APC are the only UPS devices to offer protection against all kinds of faults, such as power failures, frequency fluctuations, voltage swings and peaks as well as low voltage and surges. They also have precise frequency and voltage regulation as well as the Smart Slot interface for integration into SNMP-based network management. Another outstanding feature is the ability to replace used or faulty batteries during ongoing operation without any interruption. All these APC UPS devices can be converted for installation in racks / towers.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Protection against all interference
  • Automatic internal bypass
  • Uninterruptible battery replacement
  • Hot-plug batteries
  • Constant power supply and high filter effect
  • Rectifier-inverter combination
  • Increase in battery autonomy times to hour range possible
  • Additional battery extensions can be connected

Technical details

Apparent power3,000 VA - 10,000 VA
Output voltage230 V
UPS Slots1 smart card slot (free)
InterfacesIntegrated WEB management interface, High Resolution Graphical LCD display