Eliminate language barriers in ServiceNow

Translator Bot eliminates language barriers in ServiceNow by providing a seamless integration between the ServiceNow platform and third-party translation services.

Key features

Conversation translation

End-users and support representatives can read and reply to records in their native languages, reducing barriers to adoption and improving the way in which teams can collaborate. Conversation translation is part of Translator Bot's core functionality and can be applied to all forms across your ServiceNow platform.

Notification translation

Administrators get the ability to use different methods to either pre-translate notifications or do live translations dependent on users' preferred languages, and process owners preferences.

Knowledge translation

Knowledge articles can be submitted in the contributor's native language, and then shared across a multilingual organization where users can consume the content in their preferred language. Enabling a true global knowledge management organization.

Platform translation

Applications and modules across the entire ServiceNow platform can easily be translated into as many languages as required, saving time and cost on individual translation projects.


The no-code interface allows administrators to easily select the tables and fields to translate, which translated languages they want to make available, and whether logs should be enabled. Translator Bot's reporting module provides insights on the UX-experience and the load of translations being consumed through the translation service. Translator Bot gives administrators the option to control, audit and track information which has been sent to external parties, including when and by which users.

See Translator Bot in action

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