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Twenty Years of Fujitsu PRIMERGY Innovation Leads to Record-breaking Quality and Efficiency

News facts:
  • Fujitsu rewards Pošta Srbije (Postal Service of Serbia) for having the longest-running PRIMERGY systems in use – with a brand-new world-record breaking PRIMERGY system
  • Independent benchmarks underline the impressive efficiency of the new FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M1
  • Thanks to the business-centric versatile performance of PRIMERGY servers, customers benefit from lower costs over the extended lifecycle of the system
Munich, November 17, 2014 At Fujitsu Forum Munich 2014, the company will reward three customers from around the world that are still productively running systems purchased in the 1990s, due to the built-to-last design of Fujitsu’s industry-standard PRIMERGY server systems. To mark the 20th anniversary of Fujitsu’s x86 servers and to underline PRIMERGY’s proven quality, excellent performance and superb reliability, Fujitsu has been searching for the world’s oldest, still productive PRIMERGY system. During a Breakout Session at Fujitsu Forum Munich, the winner – Pošta Srbije (Postal Service of Serbia) – will be awarded with a record-breaking(1) FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 system plus associated maintenance services.

Pošta Srbije was founded in 1990. Today, the organization provides the largest infrastructure and logistics network in Serbia, with nearly 15,000 employees. Pošta Srbije was one of the first Fujitsu customers in Serbia and is currently using more than 200 active PRIMERGY servers which are driving its IT operations and business. The PRIMERGY 561 systems, for which Pošta Srbije receives this award, were bought in 1996 and used as application servers for more than 10 years. Since then, they are still being used to format and prepare SCSI disk drives. Pošta Srbije also puts its trust in Fujitsu storage products, and is using FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS systems for data backup.

With 15+ year-old PRIMERGY systems still in use, Schaubroeck N.V. in Belgium and I-Business Klein GmbH in Austria, will also be awarded at Fujitsu Forum Munich with a FUJITSU STYLISTIC M702 Tablet. Applications were received from 18 different countries as far afield as Australia, French Guiana and Taiwan.

In September 2014, Fujitsu introduced its latest generation of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY dual-socket systems designed not only to meet the business challenges of today but also to anticipate tomorrow’s needs. In developing this generation of PRIMERGY servers, Fujitsu made business-centric improvements to the systems, based on extensive knowledge and feedback from PRIMERGY customers and is continuing to deliver on its vision of industry-leading ICT innovation. The result is a user-inspired design that does more than simply improve and upgrade the processor and features. With DynamicLoM technology, extended Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design as well as innovations within the ServerView Suite that simplify the whole management processes, Fujitsu revolutionized the server from the inside out.

Efficiency is, and has always been, at the heart of the company’s strategy for PRIMERGY. Continous innovations help PRIMERGY ensure the most efficient, best performing server solutions in every class to help our customers stay ahead of rapidly changing business environments.

The new server generation accelerates the performance of application workloads with increased memory bandwidth and faster data throughput. An excellent proof-point is the new PRIMERGY RX2540 M1. The latest x86-industry-standard servers equipped with the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors achieved the best TPC-E benchmark result of all dual-socket systems as well as the best overall price/performance result1. In addition the system takes the lead over competitors with a new world record in SPECpower_ssj™2008 benchmark (10,654 overall ssj_ops/watt)(2) helping users to achieve great performance and cut power usage. These results showcase Fujitsu’s continuing ability to offer a great balance of performance and energy efficiency, designed to get the most out of every watt of energy.

A further innovation includes the long-lifecycle, industry-standard platforms that help to reduce unplanned certification rework, integration and support costs, and free up customers’ development resources to focus on innovation. Firstly, server products such as the PRIMERGY Server RX2540 M1 and the PRIMERGY Server RX2530 M1 will be available with an extended supported lifecycle of 60 months. Secondly, Fujitsu’s approach covers not only chassis and processors, but also memory, storage and interconnects. Supported by Fujitsu’s wide range of tools as well as factory integration and customization services, Fujitsu can help customers to take quality to the next level and drive cost and complexity out of operations.

Supporting Quotes

Uwe Neumeier, Vice President Global Server Business, Fujitsu
“Twenty years is a very long time in ICT. Quality, efficiency and agility are still a winning combination for server systems and data center solutions. Like Pošta Srbije, customers choosing PRIMERGY today can be confident that they are buying systems and solutions which provide modular building blocks for future requirements of a business-centric data center. We look forward to supporting Pošta Srbije for the next decade or more!”

Zoran Trifunovic, Head of Department for System Software, Pošta Srbije
“We are using over 200 PRIMERGY servers which are driving our IT operations and business. We bought the PRIMERGY 561 in 1996. Since then it was used for a variety of application purposes and helped the IT organization of Pošta Srbije  solving all kinds of situations. Compared with other suppliers the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers offer unique reliability and efficiency.”

Tom Brusselle, System Administrator, Group Schaubroeck, BU IT, Belgium
“Our PRIMERGY server is running smoothly since the first power on in December 1998. We did not have any failure with the hard drives, fan modules, or the power supplies. We would recommend each customer the use of these high quality Fujitsu products. Nevertheless, after a rich life in which it ran many applications, the server will get a well deserved retirement after more than 15 years continuous operation.”

Joachim Klein, Chief Executive Director, I-Business Klein GmbH, Austria
“As for Fujitsu, issues such as environmental friendliness and sustainability are a key factor for us. Our PRIMERGY servers are fully redundant, equipped and characterized by their stability and reliability in daily operation. Nevertheless, if a defect occurs, the servers feature a customer self-service module and permanent status monitoring enabling high serviceability that saves our time. In addition, maintenance contracts and availability of spares until long after the expiry of warranty guarantee a long lifecycle.”

Pricing and availability

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems are available directly from Fujitsu and via distribution partners. Recently introduced models include the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 rack server, the PRIMERGY BX2560 M1 server blade and the CX400 M1 scale-out infrastructure with CX2550 M1 and CX2570 M1 server nodes. Further models using the Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors will follow soon. Prices vary by region, model and configuration.

Notes to editors

Highlights of the current generation of PRIMERGY include:
  • More versatile performance to overcome data growth
  • Boosted application performance by up to 56 percent(3) featuring the new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family as well as DDR4 memory technology.
  • Ability to individually adapt current server networks and flexibility to meet future requirements with new Dynamic LoM technology.
  • Extended Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design as part of a uniform data center concept for selected PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storage systems and network switches which support ambient data center temperatures of up to 40°C, enabling customers to save energy and cooling costs.
  • Reduced costs via Fujitsu’s energy management solution that identifies energy inefficient systems of heterogeneous IT infrastructures and provides strategies and action plans to improve energy efficiency.
  • Foundation for trust and security to meet increased demand for IT resource availability
  • Optimized data center operations that significantly reduce downtime costs and increase process quality by automating contingency processes.
  • Reduced time required to implement new IT projects while simultaneously improving service level agreements, with Fujitsu’s PAN Manager offering now also supported by selected PRIMERGY RX and CX systems.
  • Free of charge provisioning of BIOS versions, firmware and software updates. Fujitsu continues not to charge customers to provide access to upgrades that simplify system management, therefore reducing the impact on IT resources.
  • Innovations which simplify the management, therefore freeing up IT resources
  • ServerView Embedded Lifecycle Management consolidates and enhances management functionalities that are directly available (‘embedded‘) within the server for simplified and highly integrated management processes.
  • ServerView Agentless Service separates the various networks for productive and management data for enhanced data security.
  • ServerView System Monitor is particularly designed for easy and low-overhead management of small and distributed server installations.

1 The PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 achieved 3,772.08 tpsE (transactions per second E) at 130.44 USD per tpsE, using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. The RX2540 M1 was configured with two Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 - 2.30 GHz and 512 GB of memory. The system availability for this TPC-E benchmark result is 12/01/14. Full test results including system specification and further details can be found at Competitive benchmark result stated above reflects results published on as of October 6, 2014. TPC, TPC Benchmark, TPC-E and tpsE are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council. 

2 Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of October 21, 2014. Score of 10,654 overall ssj_ops/watt published by Fujitsu on the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1, see: _ssj2008/results/res2014q4/power_ssj2008-20140930-00675.html SPEC®, SPECint®, SPECfp®, SPECjbb®, SPECweb®, SPECpower®, SPECpower_ssj®, SPECvirt_sc® and the SPEC logo are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC). For the latest benchmark results, visit 

3 Comparison based on two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark: PRIMERGY RX300 S8 featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2697 v2, 2 processors/24 cores/48 threads, achieved 10,240 benchmark users (Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0, certification 2013024) while the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 featuring Intel Xeon processor E5-2699 v3, 2 processors/36 cores/72 threads, achieved 16,000 benchmark users.

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