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Fujitsu supports customer's digital transformation with cloud technologies and services

Next-generation cloud in the hyperconnected era

In a hyperconnected world, new value is created by linking organizations and services through open application programming interfaces (APIs). This is an API economy and it will use cloud as a business platform. Fujitsu is driving an initiative to create a digital business platform. This will be based on the next-generation cloud system, which combines Fujitsu's know-how in technology and service integration with the latest open technologies. We believe that integration, trust and global reach are the three most important characteristics for the cloud, in order to support business and societies in the hyperconnected era. Fujitsu is confident that we can fulfill these characteristics leveraging our experience across many integration projects for mission critical business and social systems.

Optimized usage of cloud

The biggest value of cloud resides in the optimization of total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as agile and flexible response to changes in the business environment, essential to business growth. Fujitsu focuses on cloud integration to deliver value to customers. We have over two thousand people with extensive knowledge and expertise in cloud integration and offer services ranging from the cloud installation assessment, installation, to daily operation support. In addition, Fujitsu has enhanced our iPaas (integration Platform as a Service) cloud service for the hybrid cloud, where both SaaS and on-premises applications can be used in an optimal way. It allows customers to monitor all ICT resources under multiple cloud environments.

Trusted Cloud - Fujitsu's in-house initiatives

Fujitsu will connect all internal systems (approximately 640) across some 13,000 servers globally through APIs and migrate them to a new cloud system based on OpenStack. We plan to complete the migration in five years, and expect to reduce the TCO by 35 billion yen. The cloud based on Fujitsu's trusted technologies and services will become a reference for new cloud projects. We believe the experiences gained in this migration project will be of great benefit for customers undergoing cloud integration and migration.

Delivering trusted cloud globally

Fujitsu has more than 100 data centers worldwide. We have also deployed the global cloud service platform, 'FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5', in Japan, Australia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, to deliver high-quality services. Our global service managers use the standardized management framework to define the cloud management process and operation of global cloud services. In addition, we offer our 'FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted' from over 30 datacenters in 16 countries across the globe. We offer a Private Cloud solution that can be deployed on-premise or off-premise and can be managed by Fujitsu or by our customers. Fujitsu has service desks around the world to help end users. Offering worldwide support in more than 30 languages, we provide our customers with peace of mind.

FUJITSU Cloud Initiative

To respond to recent customer's needs of Cloud-First, Fujitsu will continue to expand our Services, Products, and Solutions to realize and maximize customer's value through 'FUJITSU Cloud Initiative' which is the framework concept to provide optimal solutions.

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Services, Products and Solutions


Application Services

Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of packaged applications as subscription-based services - supported by implementation, customization and integration services - including on-demand apps for office productivity, IT management, and other key industry and enterprise applications.

  • FUJITSU Cloud IT Management as a Service

    FUJITSU Cloud IT Management as a Service is a suite of SaaS based applications delivered by Fujitsu globally. They provide the infrastructure, application monitoring and service desk capabilities needed to underpin an efficient and cost-effective IT Management operation.

  • FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service

    FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service provides a fail proof, cloud-based backup and recovery service. Delivered from FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, it offers the levels of speed, convenience and reliability demanded by organizations today.
    Available on-demand and via an intuitive self-service interface, it leverages your existing infrastructure (including network and internet access) and empowers your business with the centralized control .

  • FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service Appliance

    FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service Appliance enhances the core Backup as a Service solution and combines the best of disk-to-disk and cloud-based services. Backup as a Service Appliance combines pre-configured hardware, storage and software, enabling local backup and recovery to be implemented quickly, while at the same time leveraging the power of the FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 service.

Platform as a Service

Our long term vision for PaaS is to gather together in one high productivity business platform all of the capabilities needed to rapidly create, integrate, distribute and monetize composite services across complex new ecosystems of platforms, devices, providers, integrators and consumers.

  • Fujitsu RunMyProcess

    Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a unique cloud platform that enables hundreds of leading companies in over 45 countries to remove the technology barriers to digital transformation. This innovative platform empowers enterprise from large corporates to medium size, to rapidly create, deploy and distribute highly customized enterprise and mobile business applications designed to meet their specific needs - unifying user experiences, connecting information systems, accelerating time to value and enabling digital scale.

  • FUJITSU Cloud Enablement Services

    This provides a platform with standard functions needed to build and operate a customer's SaaS, such as an enterprise app store, ID management and authentication, and subscriptions and fees. This service lets companies focus on developing and operating the applications and packages that are at the core of their business, increasing their productivity and dramatically speeding up the process of launching a SaaS by as much as a factor of six (from approximately one year to approximately two months, according to Fujitsu research).

  • FUJITSU Cloud A5 for Microsoft Azure

    Fujitsu works with other cloud providers to ensure the optimal mix of private, public, on-premises and hosted cloud solutions is achieved. Fujitsu is the world's first Microsoft partner to be able to deliver Microsoft Azure as a cloud service. Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services links Microsoft Azure-based components to Windows Server-based components, running either on premises or on a Fujitsu cloud platform.

Managed Infrastructure Services

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs. (For a full description, please see the 'Create Value through Integration' section.)

  • Managed Hosting – cloud and non-cloud systems

    We provide a range of managed hosting services to meet your specific business needs. These cover every aspect of implementation and management for your compute and storage environment, including platform and directory services, infrastructure applications and database environment. Each service offers a range of options to allow you to select the package that is right for your business.

Infrastructure as a Service

FUJITSU Cloud Infrastructure as a Service solutions deliver flexibility and value with the necessary high level of security and service quality expected from enterprise-class IT. To fulfill different requirements, Fujitsu has a comprehensive range of IaaS and Private Cloud solutions.

  • FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5

    Trusted Public S5 provides a pool of scalable, robust, secure and customizable, virtual IT resources, available on demand on a pay-peruse basis. Designed from the ground up with business users in mind, it delivers enterprise-grade performance with high availability. It is delivered via our global network of data centers - in Japan, Australia, USA, Singapore, UK and Germany- to provide cost-effective and secure access to on demand infrastructures.

  • FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Hosted

    In accordance with geographical regulations governing where data is stored and processed, as well as a need for organizations to consider local customer sentiment, Fujitsu offers IaaS Private Hosted from over 30 Data Centers in 16 countries. This platform provides tailored services specific to regional needs and makes it an ideal solution for running your enterprise class production systems such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Network and Communication

Fujitsu's Network services for inter-site communications, deliver a carrier-class network infrastructure combining cost competitiveness and security with high performance. (For a full description, please see the 'Mobility and Empowerment' section .)

  • Global WAN Services

    Fujitsu Wide Area Network (WAN) provides global connectivity. This includes Managed WAN, Managed Virtual Private Networks, Managed Wavelength and Managed Firewall Services together with Campus LAN and Distributed LAN services.


Integrated Systems

Private Cloud Infrastructures

Fujitsu offers a range of options for quickly building and scaling private clouds and hybrid clouds. The pre-integrated IT infrastructure solutions combine high-performance and energy-efficient hardware, a holistic operating environment, an optimized deployment service together with a comprehensive professional service portfolio to reduce complexity in design, build and operation of private cloud infrastructures.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud

    This solution is based on a reference architecture consisting of servers, network and storage hardware, plus VMware virtualization and management software for building an Infrastructure as a Service platform. The reference architecture leverages Fujitsu design and configuration best practices. It is optimized to reduce complexity in the design and build phase of a VMware vCloud environment – and at a significantly lower cost compared with do-it-yourself approaches.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape

    The Solution for virtual infrastructures FUJITSU vShape is an infrastructure solution for VMware or Hyper-V environments integrating the expertise and technologies of leading manufacturers of servers, storage systems, and networks. These are PRIMERGY servers from FUJITSU, ETERNUS storage systems from FUJITSU or FAS systems from NetApp and switches from Brocade. All these components are ideally synchronized for defined software packages and validated as a single solution. vShape reduces integration and implementation time and risks of building virtual infrastructures.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware VSAN

    PRIMEFLEX for VMware VSAN uses the local storage capabilities of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY to achieve a logical central storage. In order to overcome complex compatibility and best-fit issues, Fujitsu has generated the pre-tested reference architecture PRIMEFLEX for VMware VSAN (cf. 'VSAN Ready Nodes'). The reference architectures are approved by Fujitsu and VMware and reduce the implementation time and risks involved in building virtualized infrastructures. Using hypervisor-converged storage, the solution provides simple, delicate and linear scalability that is unmatched.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Cloud

    PRIMEFLEX for Cloud includes a Starter Kit as an all-in-one start up solution for easy-to manage and reliable cloud infrastructure with minimum deployment effort. This pre-tested solution provides configuration templates for server, storage, network, virtualization and cloud resource management software. This will allow the customer to remove the need for complex design requirements, reduce deployment time and enable smooth transition from their traditional systems.

Note: Availability featured here may differ by region.

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