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Integrated Computing

'Workload optimized autonomic computing environments' integrated with Fujitsu's technology and expertise

Computing optimized for workload

At Fujitsu, we consider workload optimization a core requirement of modern computing environments. Our customers need computing optimized to handle all business workloads: business applications, data warehouses, business intelligence (BI), and high performance computing (HPC). Making all this happen requires the right tools in the right place. It requires a convergence of open technology and our many advanced technologies, scaled up and out to fit our customers' needs. Convergences with our K computer* and other technologies have produced world class, revolutionary results.

* The K computer: The supercomputer, which was jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu


At the core of this solution lies the 'FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX (hereinafter, PRIMEFLEX)', the accumulation of our many years of experience in providing integrated technology. The PRIMEFLEX dynamically integrates our high-performance hardware with software for reliable interoperability. Hardware resources such as severs, storages and networks will be virtualized as stateless resource pools, all managed automatically and precisely by intelligent software. As needed, the system will dynamically reconfigure and allocate resources for computing power to fit the nature of the application being run. Our PRIMEFLEX is on the cutting edge of technology, optimally combining agile ICT platforms with our high-performance systems. These systems change flexibly with our customers' business thereby reducing total cost of ownership over the ICT lifecycle. PRIMEFLEX is the next generation of on-premises platforms for business innovation. Fujitsu continues to expand this product range and enhance functionality.

The Organic Data Center

Fujitsu will provide portability and the integrated operation of applications in multiple system environments by combining customer's on-premises systems with Fujitsu cloud services, and by integrating multi-cloud services including third party cloud services. As a result, the customer's on-premises systems, services provided from our data center and services from the third party public clouds will be experienced as if it were a single platform. This will enable customers to develop new business innovation efficiently and without risk, by starting small to rapidly scale. Fujitsu implements a number of initiatives to optimize our computing environments for today's workloads. To this end, Fujitsu is working on optimization through integrated virtualization of computing resources and using software controls for more intelligent data centers and facilities. Fujitsu is working to provide an 'organic data center', in which multiple data centers work together flexibly over the wide-area network and optimize autonomously.

Services, Products and Solutions


Integrated Systems

Under the name of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX, FUJITSU provides a broad lineup of Integrated Systems. The fact that data center components are pre-defined, pre-and pre-tested reduces the complexity and the risk of building data center infrastructures, while reducing time to production and cost, as well as increasing operational efficiency. PRIMEFLEX encompasses factory-installed solutions which are ready-to-run and reference architectures which can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requirements. Both options are supplemented by truly attractive service offerings.
PRIMEFLEX offerings are available for various data center themes such as Private Cloud, Server and Desktop Virtualization, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Big Data and Analytics, as well as High Performance Computing. Furthermore, PRIMEFLEX includes solutions addressing SAP and Microsoft environments.

Private Cloud

Server and Desktop Virtualization

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Big Data and Analytics





The FUJITSU server line represents one of the broadest portfolios in the market. This enables us to talk with our customers as a trusted advisor with the target to provide them with the right combination of systems, solutions and know-how to guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility, delivering confidence and reliability.

Industry Standard Server

Industry's most complete x86-based portfolio for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload

Mission Critical x86 Server

New levels of x86 server performance for in-memory computing, resource-intensive applications and mission-critical x86 uptime

Unix Server

Unmatched scalability of up to 64 processors together with highest RAS features and a modular architecture



Fujitsu's supercomputer provides the ability to address high magnitude problems by delivering over 23 petaflops, a quantum leap in processing performance.


Under the direction 'Business-centric Storage' Fujitsu provides ETERNUS DX disk and ETERNUS DX200F All- flash systems, ETERNUS CD Hyper-scale and software defined storage, ETERNUS CS data protection appliances and ETERNUS LT tape systems enabling customers to align storage resources with business priorities and to manage their increasing data volumes at less costs of growth.

Disk Storage Systems

All-flash systems

Hyper-scale and software-defined storage

Tape Systems

Data Protection Appliances

Storage Management Software


Fujitsu is the only Japanese vendor with a systematic software product lineup. Fujitsu integrates optimal systems according to customer needs and objectives, based on a core lineup of proprietary technologies and products combined with supplementary partner software products and open-source software.


Operation Management


Resource Management



Along with in-house development of products that facilitate business continuity, security measures, and operation and management, Fujitsu can evaluate and verify third-party products. By embedding these products in networks, Fujitsu supplies optimal networks for each customer to rapidly meet their diversifying needs.


LAN Switch


Bandwidth Control, Load Balancer

IP Telephony

Unified Communication

Product Support Services

In addition to cutting-edge products, Fujitsu delivers worldwide Product Support Services. A comprehensive product support portfolio containing standard break/fix services as well as proactive support helps our customers save time and money and reduces the burden on internal IT staff.
Fujitsu delivers Product Support Services through certified support engineers for individual products as well as for IT infrastructures as a 'one-stop shop' support offering. The services range from installing new products to providing fast and responsive support for Fujitsu hardware, software and IT infrastructures for solution business.

Note: Availability featured here may differ by region.

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