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Customer Stories : Human Centric Innovation in Action

Creating value through an open ecosystem

The approach of Human Centric Innovation is being implemented in industries and societies all over the world. These customer stories show how new values are being created in various sectors.


Toyota Motor Corporation Case Study

An Open Ecosystem towards a Hydrogen Society : Hydrogen Station Data Management Service

Airbus S.A.S.

Visualizing the Value Chain

Omron Corporation

Using Big Data for Continuous Improvement in the Production Line

CaixaBank, S. A.

Human Centric Technologies at the Forefront of Retail Banking


Flexible Technology for Business Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Group Auchan SA

Empowering Customers and Employees to a More Human Centric Shopping Experience

Dentsu, Inc.

Cross-Industrial Convergence for Innovations in Marketing

Alma Media Corporation

Transformation of Business and Work Style from a Cloud-based, Digital Service

Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Visualizing Farming Data for Better, More Sustainable Rice Crops

The University of Tokyo

Using Supercomputers for Safer Heart Surgery

TechShop, Inc.

Driving the Maker Movement for Long-lasting Innovation


Panasonic Corporation
Using Cloud-enabled Home Appliances for a Better Lifestyle

iHeart Studios
New Workflow Helps Grow by More Than 600% in 12 Months

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
Using Insight to Deliver Better Customer Service

Soitec S.A.
Lowering and Simplifying Costs through Cloud Service

Metawater Co., Ltd.
Overhauling Water Facility Maintenance Using Augmented Reality Technology

Aeon Agri Create Co., Ltd.
Transforming Farming by Exploiting ICT

Qantas Airways Limited
Targeting 10% Reduction of CO2e by 2020

RCAST, The University of Tokyo
Cloud Service Enables 'in Silico' Drug Discovery

Emory Healthcare
Realizing Uninterrupted Access to Healthcare Information via Multiple Devices

University of Tsukuba Elementary School
Future Classroom Project Shows How ICT can Benefit Education

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