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Routine Cleaning & Care

cleaning glass/rollers

The product should be routinely cleaned at the intervals detailed in the operator’s guide. By applying the steps described in Batch Preparation this can be kept to a minimum.

Cleaning The Rollers

  • Ensure you clean all rollers inside the scanner at the required intervals (details and instructions can be found in the operator’s guide for your product). Dependant on scanner model, this may include:
    • Pick Roller
    • Brake Roller
    • Separation Roller
    • Pad assy
    • Transport Rollers
    • Pinch Rollers
    • Assist Rollers
  • The product should only be cleaned with the appropriate Fujitsu cleaning kit for your product. For details of cleaning products, please click here: (link to page with table of products/kits).
  • • Full instructions for cleaning your specific product can be found in the Operator’s Guide. These can be downloaded in Manuals & Documentation section.