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High Affordability, Security & Manageability

Dear Customer,

Are you a small or medium business and do you want to increase the efficiency of your IT at the lowest possible cost? Without compromising on security? Without complicated maintenance? If yes, then this special offer for up to 25 Fujitsu FUTRO thin clients might be just what you need.

Up to the 31st of March 2012, Fujitsu has a great offer in 3 t-shirt size configurations. Choose between:

  • Entry – FUTRO S700 for easy manageability, long-lifecycle and low energy consumption
  • Advanced – FUTRO S550-2 for higher expandability
  • Superior– FUTRO S900 for higher expandability and performance

All of these configurations also include the market leading eLux operating system and the Scout manageability suite.
The eLux operating system is a secure and affordable operating system. Why? Because IT attacks are often aimed at the most well-known operating systems. Additionally, you can transfer licenses between devices, making the whole hardware and software package even more affordable and flexible The Scout manageability suite is an intuitive and complete package covering administration, asset management and eLux Management.

Sounds good? Well, that’s not all…you can save even more!
To begin with, thin clients they can be run in a traditional server based computing environment as well as in a virtual desktop infrastructure. The thin clients have far lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than a client server architecture – up to 80% lower. Why? Because they are far easier to manage than PCs, have a very low energy consumption and they have a longer life cycle of up to seven years. Thin clients are more secure too as all applications and the user data is stored centrally on the server, making them ideal for desktop virtualization. FUTRO thin clients are an open platform and are certified for Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft environment.

Act now - while stocks last!


FUTRO S550-2
Entry: FUTRO S700Advanced: FUTRO S550-2Superior: FUTRO S900
  • 1 GB RAM DDR3-1066
  • 2 GB mSATA hard disk
  • Order code: LKN:S0700P0030DE
  • 1 GB DDR2-667 RAM
  • 1 GB Compact flash card (80x)
  • Order code: LKN:550-2P0051DE
  • 1 GB RAM DDR3-1066
  • 2 GB mSATA hard disk
  • Order code: LKN:S0900P0031DE