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  8. ScanSnap S1300, S1500: Nutzerbericht von André Kotthaus, Flight Medicine Doctor

André Kotthaus, Flight Medicine Doctor

I’m a flight medicine doctor, working all over the world: on airports, in airplanes, hotels .. furthermore i am working as diving physician and as sports medicine doctor in different gyms and my own practice ...

my work and life is becoming more and more digital, so i need to scan and fax and print data-sheets from everywhere so save time and not to lose important information. with the ScanSnap scanner i can easily scan all documents and email them, save them to harddisk, send them to cloud, ipad or iphone ...

i have the ScanSnap S300M and S1500, they are easy to handle, easy to carry, they help me to have all data with me, to save time and to digitize my work and life ...

i do not want to miss the ScanSnap scanners anymore ...

André Kotthaus, Flight Medicine Doctor

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Datum: 2011-12-02

Branche(n): Gesundheit,

Modelle: ScanSnapS1300, S1500