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Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT

Reliable Tape Solution

The affordable Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS LT tape systems offer impressive scalability and reliability. The ultimate backup solution which meets a wide range of demanding data storage requirements including long-term archiving, disaster recovery and unattended backup for small to medium businesses, workgroups or branch office IT. It is all about the close integration and smooth interaction of servers and storage systems – either Fujitsu solutions or in heterogeneous environments. ETERNUS LT systems are certified for market-leading backup and archiving software. Highly automated, simple and remote operation enables usage without any demand for local expert skills. The pay-as-you-grow concept means that customers avoid unnecessary initial investment and remain flexible.

ETERNUS LT features standardized LTO technology synonymous with high capacity, high speed and low media costs. The systems are equipped with LTO- 4 / 5 /6 technologies and are connected to the server via the SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or FC interface. Starting from LTO-4 ETERNUS the LT systems are enabled for encryption offering enhanced security and compliance.

ETERNUS LT20 S2 - Economy System Ideal for Small Businesses and Branch Offices ETERNUS LT20 S2

The ETERNUS LT20 S2 has a maximum capacity of 20 TB native and is equipped with up to 2 x 4 cartridges as well as 1 drive in HH.

ETERNUS LT40 S2 - Flexible Entry System with Ample Scalability ETERNUS LT40 S2

The ETERNUS LT40 S2 has a maximum capacity of 60 TB native and is equipped with up to 2 x 12 cartridges as well as 1 drive in FH respectively up to 2 drives in HH.

ETERNUS LT60 S2 - Scalable Mid-range System for High Capacity Requirements ETERNUS LT60 S2 Overview

ETERNUS LT60 S2 has a maximum capacity of 120 TB native and is equipped with up to 4 x 12 cartridges as well as up to 2 drives in FH respectively 4 drives in HH.



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