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The connected workplace – increasing agility and enabling innovation

Within the financial services sector, the value of digital workplace technologies has too often been underestimated, with digital transformation seen as a cost and not as a value generator. Historically, the financial services workplace has been locked down, with organization-wide change proving difficult to achieve.

Legacy systems have hindered the rapid innovation needed to keep ahead of new FinTechs and InsurTechs determined to capture their market share. Today, traditional financial services providers need to find efficiencies, and these can be delivered by digital workplace services, managed cloud platforms, and self-service automation.

By digitalizing and moving to a more cloud-based environment, you are enabled to increase your agility and efficiency. Freed from traditional legacy systems and constraints, you are empowered to develop and deploy new connected financial solutions at speed. With this increased agility you are enabled to rapidly innovate and increase your market share.

The question is - Is your financial services business agile enough to compete?

Re-imagine your workplace with Fujitsu Digital Workplace

With our digital workplace solutions we help our financial services customers to focus on the employee experience. Team members are given exactly what they need to connect, collaborate, and innovate to excel in their jobs and deliver more value.

Our digital workplace services enable you to benefit from a workplace driven by business value. Everything is connected, and with access to faster, more reliable workplace technology, your people are empowered to become more productive and satisfied in their role.

Why Fujitsu for your digital workplace solution?

Regardless of the complexity and size of your working environment, we can help you find the right balance of performance, flexibility, security, and cost.

Our strength lies in our ability to deliver innovative, end-to-end managed workplace services in a modular way. All of our workplace solutions are supported by intelligent services and secure by-design. Within our own organization, we’re prepared for the future with everything in place - from the right infrastructure to the best devices.

By partnering with us on your workplace transformation, you can achieve significant cost reductions in software licensing and hardware procurement, as well as IT support costs as your ageing legacy systems are upgraded to more efficient digital workplace services and tools.

With our help you can transform your workplace and empower your people to deliver more value, wherever they are.

Fujitsu Recognized as a Leader in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services

For the fourth consecutive year leading analyst firm Gartner has recognized Fujitsu as a Leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services, Europe.

In its report, Gartner states that Managed Workplace Services are "centered on delivering a digital workplace experience to end users so organizations can leverage their digital dexterity in the development of new digital business services”. It adds: “The goal is to boost employee engagement and agility through a more consumerized work environment, while optimizing costs."

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