Fujitsu Cloud Service for Microsoft Azure

A fully managed end-to-end Microsoft Azure experience

Azure-expertCloud Service Azure offers the wide portfolio of Microsoft Azure services as a platform for new digital applications and business innovation, with Fujitsu as an overarching Azure Managed Service Provider.

This service delivers commercial flexibility and simplicity, and through inclusion of essential Fujitsu Hybrid IT orchestration services, it enables successful turnkey adoption of Azure in enterprises. It is an end-to-end Azure Managed Service from a single Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partner.


Azure enablement ranging from planning services to development of cloud native solutions.

Fast IT

Design, deployment and management of a best-of-both-worlds hybrid infrastructure with Azure as a fast IT extension of the existing data center.

Digital Transformation

End to end digital transformation for business, application, platform and service.

Design, Transform, Manage and Create with Multi-Cloud services for Microsoft Azure

With Fujitsu Multi-Cloud your path to the cloud is crystal clear. When you partner with a certified Azure expert, you can focus on building your eco-system and seizing new business opportunities.

  • Design - Design and architect a secure, fit for purpose Azure foundation, so that Azure services can be utilized in confidence.
  • Transform - Assess, plan and action the migration of workloads to Azure utilizing our Multi-Cloud Transformation Services.
  • Manage - keep control of workloads on Azure with Multi-Cloud Managed Services and the tools to orchestrate Azure through a single pane of glass.
  • Create - partner with a specialist in digital technology to help drive business innovation and co-create success.

More Fujitsu managed services for Azure

Our Azure services extend well beyond the infrastructure. We provide ready made managed services for enterprise resource planning, IoT & analytics solutions, and application delivery & life-cycle management. Through digital co-creation we will tailor solutions on the best Azure services, together with you, living up to your business aspirations, whatever they may be.


Innovative IoT & Analytics solutions
with GlobeRanger® on Azure

SAP on Azure

Combining SAP and Azure capabilities to
deliver business benefits with our Cloud
Service SAP on Microsoft Azure

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