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FRAM(Ferroelectric Memory) has advantages of non-volatile memory like E2PROM, keeping write data without power supply for data retention, and high-speed write performance of SRAM. FRAM has 2 product families; serial interface (I2C, SPI) and parallel interface product. FRAMs with Serial I/F are replaceable with serial E2PROM or serial flash memory, and products with parallel I/F are replaceable with low power SRAM or pseudo SRAM(PSRAM).

Fujitsu Semiconductor group controls whole processes of FRAM; development of chip, mass production in Japan, and assembly process. Fujitsu assures high quality and stable supply of FRAM product. Since year 1999, FRAM products have been shipping more than 12 years and are offering many customers requesting high reliability.

FRAM products of 4Kbit to 4Mbit are now available in production. Fujitsu is offering the engineering samples or production samples for customer evaluation. Please confirm our FRAM Product Lineup and request us samples and/or documents by the "FRAM Sample/Document Requests & Inquiry Form" if you would like to have.

What is FRAM?

  • Ferroelectric (PZT) crystal structure and principles of FRAM
  • Features of non-volatile, high-speed writing, high endurance, low power consumption

Stand-alone Memory (I2C/SPI/Parallel interface products)

  • Comparison between FRAM and competitive memory (SRAM, E2PROM, Flash memory)
  • FRAM product lineup


  • Key features of high-speed write performance and large-size memory for RFID tag
  • Applications of FRAM RFID Tag, FerVID family product roadmap

Authentication IC

  • FRAM embedded authentication IC enabling to identify between authorized and unauthorized parts
  • Secure IC to detect cloned peripherals and accessories such as cartridge or card for electric equipments

Custom LSI

  • FRAM embedded custom LSI by one-chip solution with logic or analog circuit

Technical Support

  • FRAM Quality & Reliability, plants for FRAM
  • Documents such as datasheets, fact sheets, brochure, FIND articles of FRAM


FRAM Sample/Document Request & Inquiry Form

Sample/Document Request
For requests of evaluation samples, and/or
documents such as datasheets, brochure

For general questions, such as technical
inquiry, sample availability, pricing