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  • On March 1st 2015, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited transferred its System LSI business to Socionext Inc.
  • Socionext Home Page:

Graphics Solution

Fujitsu Semiconductor is a leader in the field of the global graphic display controller, and its products are widely used for the central information display, 360 view systems, multimedia entertainment systems, navigation, virtual dashboard etc.

Product features

In terms of automotive safety and comfort, the HMI is becoming more and more important, especially for easy-to-understand operations. To give the driver various types of information, multiple displays (such as cluster and head up displays) are increasingly being used in addition to the dashboard display panel. A development platform using an automotive-graphics SoC and authoring tools is well-suited for developing such HMIs.
The Energy monitor system at Smart house and Security camera system of Monitoring the around house is well-suited.


Integrated HMI and Around View system for Automotive


Integrated HMI and Security Camera system for Smart House

Graphics Solution

  • Tendency of Integrated HMI
  • 360 View Systems
  • CGI studio for Integrated HMI Systems

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