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  • Singapore,June 05, 2017
    Fujitsu: New FRAM solution for automotive and industrial applications

    Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd. today announced its new FRAM solution MB85RS128TY and MB85RS256TY. They are the first component of a completely new product group which are designed for an operating temperature of up to 125°C and is qualified according to the AEC Q100 industry standard, making it particularly suitable for use in the automotive sector. With the new series, Fujitsu Electronics wants to serve various applications in the automotive market and support innovative projects.

  • Singapore,November 08, 2016
    Fujitsu Launches World's Largest Density 4 Mbit ReRAM Product for Mass Production

    Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd. today announced the launch of the 4 Mbit ReRAM MB85AS4MT, the world's largest density mass-produced ReRAM product. This is the first ReRAM product to be jointly developed with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.

System Memory FRAM

FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) is a non-volatile memory, which has the features of high-speed writing, low-power consumption and high endurance. Fujitsu Semiconductor can provide you the various kinds of FRAM products such as FRAM standalone memory, FRAM Microcontroller and FRAM RFID.

Product Agent

  • ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products)
    • Suppliers:Socionext
    • Main Products:ASIC, GDC, ISP, Transcoder, Tuner
    • Target Applications:Network, Automotive, Mobile Phone, Head-end, AV system, etc
  • Relays
    • Suppliers:Fujitsu Component
    • Main Products:Relay, Touch Panel Thermal Printer
    • Target Applications:Automotive, Industrial, etc
  • Power Device
    • Suppliers:Transphorm
    • Main Products:GaN Device
    • Target Applications:Power supply module, Solar inverter
    • Suppliers:SHINDENGEN
    • Main Products:Diode,Power MOSFET, Power Supply Module, EV Charger
    • Target Applications:Automotive, Industrial, home appliance
  • Battery
    • Suppliers:FDK
    • Main Products:Battery, Coil, Inductor,
    • Target Applications:Mobile handset, Automotive, Industrial, Medical