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Research Topics

Key technologies of next-generation communication systems

Key technologies of next-generation communication systems

To support the realization of ubiquitous society, we are developing large capacity, high speed, flexible next generation wireless and optical communication system. By closely cooperating with Fujitsu worldwide and universities in China, we are doing intensive R&D on: IMT-Advanced, broadband access, near field communication such as PAN/BAN in wireless field, and high capacity (>100Gbps) optical communication system.

Information Processing

With the arrival of the information explosion and the age of cloud computing, we are now surrounded by various vehicles for information such as the internet, newspapers, and advertisements, which bring abundant data in diverse formats (text, image, sound, etc.). We are dedicated to developing technologies that can process these masses of data and extract useful information and knowledge. At the same time, we are devoting ourselves to investigating key technologies such as SaaS and cloud computing for innovative information processing platforms. Meanwhile, we are cooperating with other Fujitsu subsidiary companies to promote our R&D results in the China market. Our research scope covers natural language processing, WEB information processing, cloud computing, multimedia information processing, speech processing and optical character recognition (OCR).

System LSI technology

System LSI technology

We are quickly stepping into intelligent society which brings us a safety and comfortable life. The system requires LSIs to realize a wide variety of intelligent functions with low power. We are focusing on R&D of system LSIs for intelligent applications with image, video, audio, and graphics processing capabilities. They include video & audio codec, graphics processor, imaging application processor, and sensor signal processor, which have the feature of high performance, ultra low power, and small size.