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Research on MIMO technology


ITU-R has collected IMT-Advanced technology proposes from countries and standardization organizations. The Communication Technology Research Department is actively participating in this work. Among those technical candidates, the advanced MIMO (multi-input and multi-output) of the new-generation radio communication is our research focus, especially the important branch of codebook based multi-user MIMO technology. The issue is to compute the appropriate channel quality indicator (CQI) and corresponding precoding vector index (PVI) of each user. Without the channel matrix of other terminals, the system cannot effectively control inter-user coherent when deciding the best pre-coded vector and CQI. We propose a new precoding scheme and can reduce the inter-user interference in multi-user MIMO system.


  • CQI/PVI computing and feedback: Each user feeds back maximum SNR, minimum SNR and corresponding PVIs, which could indicate the interference if co-transmitted with potential pairs.
  • Scheduler: pair users by comparing the matching degree of two code groups from the terminal.
  • Link adaptation: adjust the MCS based on the reported SNRs for the pairedusers.

Technical points

The terminal computes and feeds back two PMIs and CQIs, or multiple PMIs and CQIs. The base station can pair users by comparing the matching degree of the code words.

Synoptic diagram



The simulation indicates that the system can reach double throughput gain under high SNR compared to the current technology.

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