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Co-creation for Digital Innovation

Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co. Ltd.

Shennongjia, Hubei Province, August 22, 2018

Fujitsu R&D Center Co., Ltd. (FRDC) was successfully concluded its annual Chinese Technology Forum (FRDC-CTF 2018) on August 22, 2018 at the Arcadia Forest Hotel in Shennongjia, Hubei Province. 

Digital technology is changing the pattern of our economy, and the core is how today's company is going to turn DATA into VALUE. Fujitsu is committed to achieving value innovation through digital co-creation, with partners and customers. This year, Chinese Technology Forum (FRDC-CTF 2018) has invited nearly 200 experts, scholars and specialist from governments, universities and enterprises to conduct in-depth discussions on how to carry out value innovation in various industries such as manufacturing, finance, transportation, culture and communications based on the theme of "Co-creation for Digital Innovation". Many experts and scholars have delivered brilliant and excellent presentations.

imageMr. Shigeru Sasaki
CEO and Representative Director of
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd
CTO of Fujitsu Limited
Chairman of FRDC
imageFrom right the third person,
Mr. Satoshi Naoi as President of FRDC;
Mr. Arimichi Kunisawa as Corporate Executive Officer
of Fujitsu Limited, Head of Asia Region;
Mr. Shigeru Sasaki as CEO

Director Tianchun Ye from the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese guest. Director Ye analyzed the reorientation of China's IC industry in the next decade, mentioned that the opportunity of global informatization from digitalization to intelligent improvement, the development of Chinese society is shifting from "integration of industrialization and informatization" to "comprehensive information age". Director Ye also explained that in the era of intelligent plus 5G, from technological innovation to value innovation, we need to transform from providing products and services to providing solutions and value, which becomes to a huge challenge for all industries. 

Today, with the continuous advancement of information and communication technology (ICT), digital technology has been promoted to a higher era of digital intelligence, and deep integration with mature industries will bring tremendous changes. The original operation mode of society will be thoroughly changed and the entire industries are going to face enormous opportunities and challenges. Professor Qu Hua, president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, with the theme of “Digital Technology Leading the Past to the Future”, was standing at this new starting point and has reviewed with the guests the growth and development of Fujitsu along with various partners, to work together to create and look forward to a better digital future. 

Block-chain technology is a technological innovation that has received wide attention on a global scale. It is regarded as a disruptive technology and is driving the transformation of “information Internet” to “value Internet”. Mr. Michael, CEO of Shenzhen Yingpai Investment Co., Ltd., based on the topic of “Wind Vane for Application of Block-chain Technology”, combines the status of innovation and entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, also the current research and development status of China's block-chain is summarized from four aspects, namely, policy regulation, standard formulation, technology research and development, landing scenario and venture investment, and the current innovation patterns and practical cases of the application of block-chain are displayed and analyzed. 

In the era of smart economy, many enterprises are facing the pressure and challenge of transformation and upgrading. Changing management thinking, exploring technology innovation and business model innovation by data driving, especially combining new generation of information technologies, such as the artificial intelligence, block chains, cloud computing and big data etc., with advanced management methods, exploring innovation paths based on data management, constructing a wisdom enterprise are inevitable directions for an enterprise to develop sustainably and healthily. The deputy director Mr. Xiaodong Wang of the General Department of Intelligent Industry under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., LTD., shared his thinking in the topic of “The Ecosystem Construction of a Smart Enterprise by Data-Driven”. He has shared that on the construction and the practice of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, since its full launch of the smart enterprise and their running platform from 2015, including the experience of the top planning and design, the creation of the standard model, the management model innovation, and the pilot application etc. Also, an idea of construction of the industrial ecological circle of the smart enterprise was discussed. 

With the evolution of communication network and the coming of 5G/ Internet of things, the telecom industry is about to enter a new development cycle, which will bring great changes to the industry. With “New network, new intelligence, new ecology” as the title, Mr. Jun Liao, director of artificial intelligence of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, expounded the development of new generation of artificial intelligence, represented by machine learning and deep learning, which provides a foundation of a new network with intelligence and automation, and which will also drive the intelligence of future telecom business. Mr. Liao shared China Unicom's thinking and progress in smart networks and business. 

Mr. Liwei Hou, the CTO of Fanjie Information Technology co., LTD., with the topic of “Fanjie Intelligent Risk Management System”, presented digital innovation technologies in the practical application of the financial business including face recognition, anti-fraud, customer portraits, credit risk rating, data visualization, social network tracking, natural language processing, intelligence collection etc. 

With the upgrading of traditional consumption and the rapid rise of new consumption, “new retail” has become the buzzword of today's internet and real economy. Nowadays, with the support of technology innovation and capital, “unmanned retail” has turned from a concept to a reality and gradually entered people's lives with a new consumption pattern. Mr. Zhengguang Wang, the chief scientist of Binguo Box, explained how unmanned retail from concept to practice through the actual case of "Binguo box" unmanned convenience stores, and successfully realized the combination of technology and business in consumers' daily life. 

Fujitsu group speakers included Shigeru Sasaki, CEO and Representative Director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd,; Arimichi Kunisawa, Corporate Executive officer of Fujitsu Limited, Head of Asia Region; Satoshi Okuyama, Executive director of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.; Kiyoshi Sakai, CEO of Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.; Masahiko Takenaka, COO of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, Ltd., collectively presented overviews of Fujitsu Group business, R&D activities and the applications in new domains in Chinese market. During the forum, FRDC as well as the Fujitsu group companies also have demonstrated plenty of R&D achievements and products.

imagePanel discussion with a theme of “Co-creation for digital innovation”
imageDemos of FRDC and Fujitsu group companies

Since 1999, FRDC had annually held an Academic Network conference for experts and scholars who were all coming from the famous universities all around the China. In 2009, this conference was upgraded to Chinese Technology Forum (CTF) to further promote the contribution of R&D results to Chinese society, and besides the well-known scholars form domestic universities we also expanded the participants to the experts of government departments, research institutions, science and technology enterprises and many experts from Fujitsu group in Japan, the U.S. as well as the Europe area. At the same time, the forum focusing on the most cutting-edge technology topics and the sharing of the latest global R&D and commercialization trends, providing a better platform for participants to jointly explore and communicate current application topics and future developments of technology. This year's CTF is the tenth session with nearly 200 participants and the forum has been well received by experts and scholars who were from all of the professional fields.

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