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Fujitsu Electronics Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement with Ambiq Micro Inc.

Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.

Singapore, July 26, 2016

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI) today announced they have signed a distribution agreement with Ambiq Micro Inc. (Austin, TX), a leader in ultra-low power integrated circuits for power-sensitive applications whereby the electronics distributor FEI will market Ambiq Micro Inc.’s Apollo family of ARM Cortex microcontrollers (MUCs) and real-time clocks (RTCs) in Japan, Asia and EU.

With these devices, customers have an ideal solution for battery-powered and other power-sensitive applications, including Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices where energy savings translate into much longer battery life and enhanced feature sets. These semiconductor components can also enable much smaller batteries to be used, allowing greater creativity in the design and form factor of the end products that utilize these innovative solutions.

The Apollo family of ARM Cortex MCUs and RTCs are the world’s lowest-power devices of their kind, both based on Ambiq’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform. This innovative technology enables the ability to operate transistors at voltage levels that are far below what is considered “standard” by semiconductor industry standards, resulting in solutions that go well beyond the incremental improvements in power consumption of other semiconductor devices. The Apollo MCU features active mode current in the order of 34µA/MHz when running from flash and sleep mode current less than 150nA. In addition, Apollo MCU has made history as a microcontroller that consumes less than half the energy of any other when tested to the industry-standard EEMBC ULPBenchTM benchmark(*1).

RTCs are the first semiconductors based on Ambiq Micro’s innovative SPOT™ platform and have full RTC functions including advanced timekeeping and power management. These are good solution for power-sensitive applications and provide minimum power consumption 14nA that is significantly lower than any other industry RTC.

“IoT represents unprecedented possibility for the features consumer devices can provide,” said Fumihide Esaka, CEO, Ambiq Micro. “Fujitsu Electronics and Ambiq Micro’s commitment to the digital transformation of the market will enable consumers to realize the full potential of their devices, often necessary for maintaining health and wellness. Ambiq Micro is thrilled to have Fujitsu as a distribution partner and we look forward to shaping the digital future together.”

Ambiq Micro’s Apollo MCUs and RTCs are available for shipping into high volume consumer applications.

(*1): EEMBC ULPBenchTM March 15th in 2016

About Ambiq Micro

Ambiq Micro was founded in 2010 on the simple yet powerful notion that extremely low power semiconductors are the key to the future of electronics. Through the use of pioneering ultra-low power technology, innovative companies around the world are developing differentiated solutions that reduce or eliminate the need for batteries, lower overall system power, and maximize industrial design flexibility.
Ambiq Micro has developed breakthrough technology based on its patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by semiconductors thus making its integrated circuits (ICs) an ideal solution for energy critical applications.
Ambiq Micro is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

About Fujitsu Electronics Inc.

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. has the mission of delivering optimal devices for solving customers’ problems globally. Customer design challenges are addressed by the combination of Fujitsu Semiconductor Group companies’ solution, the broad range of Fujitsu Group companies' products, and a powerful product lineup from manufacturers around the world. Together these companies utilize leading-edge technologies and a strong presence in world-wide customers.

Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.

Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd. (FEPA) dedicates its resources to provide the sales and support services to customers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Asia. FEPA sales product offerings include Custom SoCs (ASICs), foundry services, application specific standard products (ASSPs), Ferro-Electric Random Access Memories (FRAMs), Relay, GaN (gallium nitride), MCU and Power device.
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Press Release ID: 2016-07-26
Date: 26 July, 2016
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.


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