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  7. Fujitsu Develops 4 Mbit Quad SPI FRAM Capable of 54 MB/s Data Transfer

Fujitsu Develops 4 Mbit Quad SPI FRAM Capable of 54 MB/s Data Transfer

Non-volatile memory with high operational speed that contributes to improving the performance of network devices

Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.

Singapore, March 01, 2016

Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd. today announced the development of MB85RQ4ML, its new FRAM (*) product with 4 Mbit of memory, which represents the highest density in the non-volatile RAM market with a quad SPI interface. The new product is available in sample quantities starting today.

Figure 1: MB85RQ4ML in 16-pin SOP
Figure 1: MB85RQ4ML in 16-pin SOP

This product operates with a 1.8V single power supply, using a quad SPI interface with four I/O pins, and can achieve data transfer rate of 54 MByte per second.

Its high-speed operation and non-volatile memory make it ideal for use in the networking, RAID controller, and industrial computing fields.

Leveraging FRAM's non-volatility, high-speed read/write cycles, high read/write endurance, and low power consumption, Fujitsu has been proposing batteryless solutions using FRAM for the wearables market and the IoT market.

In response to rising demand for faster speed in non-volatile RAM interfaces, Fujitsu has now developed the MB85RQ4ML 4Mbit FRAM, which has the highest data transfer rate in its FRAM product line (figure 1).

Figure 2: Data Transfer Rate Comparison
Figure 2: Data Transfer Rate Comparison

This product uses a 1.8V single power supply and quad SPI interface, and is capable of 54 MB/s data transfer with 108 MHz operation. Among Fujitsu's previous products, 4Mbit FRAM with 16-bit parallel interfaces in 44-pin TSOP package was the fastest at 13 MB/s, however this product enables approximately 4 times the data read/write speed with less pin counts (figure 2). This product is an ideal for network equipment, such as routers, where setting data values is continually rewritten. It is positioned half-way between high-density non-volatile memory for data storage and high-speed working memory, and supports data rewriting with high-speed access and data back-ups (figure 3).

Figure 3: Use case of Memories in Network Devices
Figure 3: Use case of Memories in Network Devices

In the IoT market, which handles with big data, data processing volumes are increasing, and there is a need for frequent data rewriting in memory. In addition, from a security perspective, greater importance is being placed on preserving access records. Considering this background, as the memory that preserves access information in the networking field, this product contributes to improving equipment performances.

Fujitsu will continue to provide products and solutions to increase the value and convenience of customer applications.

Key Specifications

  • Part number: MB85RQ4ML
  • Density (configuration): 4 Mbit (512 K × 8 bit)
  • Interface: SPI/Quad SPI (Quad Serial Peripheral Interface)
  • Operating voltage: 1.7V to 1.95V (Single Power Supply)
  • Guaranteed read/write cycles: 10 trillion times
  • Data retention: 10 years (at +85°C)
  • Package: 16-pin SOP

Glossary and Notes

Ferroelectric random-access memory. A type of memory that uses a ferroelectric file as capacitors that store data. Retains contents even when power is removed. Combines benefits of both ROM and RAM, with fast write speed, low-power consumption, and high read/write cycle endurance. Also known as FeRAM. Produced by Fujitsu Semiconductor since 1999.

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Press Release ID: 2016-03-01
Date: 01 March, 2016
City: Singapore
Company: Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd.


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