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Life Innovation
2014 FRDC Chinese Technology Forum (CTF) Successfully Concluded at Yinchuan Ningxia

Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co. Ltd.

August 20, 2014

the annually FRDC CTF (FRDC-CTF 2014) successfully concluded at Wanda Realm Yinchuan Hotel, Yinchuan, Ningxia Province.

Nowadays, the whole world is highly interconnected. Fujitsu integrates its resources in human, Information and Infrastructure, seeking for a new direction of innovation on the basis of human centric ICT technology. With the advantages on technologies of “Internet of Things”, “Cloud”, “Mobile Internet”, “Big data” and “Social media”, combined with the business experience of our customers, Fujitsu realizes life innovation and intelligent society on fields like communication, healthy, culture and security. Nearly 200 specialists and experts from government, universities and enterprises were invited to attend FRDC-CTF 2014. They discussed about the latest progress of ICT around the theme of “Life Innovation”. Excellent speeches were made on the forum.


Problems on water resource shortage, water environment depravation and frequent flood disaster are widely concerned now. Recently, these problems were merging together which made water problems more severe than ever. It became a key restriction to the sustainable development of China in 21 century. Prof. Ni Jinren, deputy Dean of College of Environment Science and Engineering at Peking University, introduced about “4-times efficiency of water usage and the necessity and method of scientific use of water”. Title of his speech was “The scientific water consumption --- half expense, double water service”.

Prof. Niu Zhisheng, deputy Dean of School of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, made a presentation entitled “5G, Mode Change of Cellular Network”, it was about a whole new structure of “hyper-cellular access network”. This structure is based on current limited spectrum and energy resources, using a more efficient method to adjust and adapt to the traffic requirements of sustained growth and online permanently. It enlarges the capacity of network up to 10 times. Combined of China’s ongoing program of “New Four Modernizations”, urbanization, industrialization, IT application and agricultural modernization, Mr. Shi Guang, Director of Academic Department, China Institute of Communication, made a speech of “New Four Modernization and Smart City”. He introduced two methods of smart city development and how to construct the smart industries and smart applications based on new communication technologies.

Intelligent video processing is originated from military projects. It’s the pearl in the crown in video processing with wide applications. The vice president of the research institute of China Security and Surveillance Technology, Inc., Mr. Gao Huiwu introduced the applications to intelligent video processing technology by his talk named “A talk to the applications to Intelligent Video Processing Technology”.

The chairman of Beijing Techrefine Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Liu Shenqiu gave a talk entitled “New generation of wireless communication – AutoNode and its applications to Smart grid and Internet Of Things”. He introduced how they adapted Fujitsu’s world leading WisReed technology to Chinese local market and developed the new generation of AdHoc communication technology — AutoNode and the related applications.

In another topic, nowadays, although many hospitals have set up the hospital information systems, the information flow and share between systems are inefficient. As the development of information technologies, especially the era of big data, an integrated Clinical Data Repository (CDR) becomes extremely important. The Chief Engineer of PKU Healthcare IT Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhou Yue presented analyses and suggestions for the construction of hospital data center by a talk named “The construction of Clinical Data Repository based on Electronic Medical Record and some successful experiences”. He shared successful stories and experiences for applying CDR in some famous Chinese hospitals.

Chinese ancient archives are very important historical relics and carry with rich historical and cultural contents. Historical archives can’t be re-generated. The protection of these archives is very important for Chinese cultural inheritance. Mr. Ge Huaidong, teacher from School of Humanities in Jinling Science and Technology, introduced the digitization and protection of the Chinese ancient archive with a talk entitled “The Protection of Chinese Historical Archives”.

Leaders from Fujitsu, includes Corporate Senior Vice President and President of Asian, Tatsuya Tanaka; President of Fujitsu Laboratories, Hideyuki Saso; Corporate Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Laboratories and Chairman of Fujitsu R&D Center, Shigeru Sasaki; Senior Director of Social Innovation Laboratories at Fujitsu Laboratories, Takuya Uzumaki; President of Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Yasunori Kimura; President of Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, Tsuneo Nakata. They presented in detail about the business of Fujitsu group and the R&D activities of new domains in the Chinese market. Furthermore, FRDC and Fujitsu-related Chinese companies also demonstrated many R&D achievements and products.


Since 1999 when Fujitsu Research and Development Center was founded, we annually held an Academic Network. In 2009, this meeting was upgraded to our Chinese Technology Forum. We expanded the participants from scholars in universities to experts of government agencies, institutes, technology enterprises and Fujitsu Laboratories Group of Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. In the forum we share our opinions about cutting-edge technologies, update research progress and business tendency. It is a platform for us to communicate current applications and future development of technologies. CTF has lasted for 6 years; there were nearly 200 participants this year and the forum was favorably commented on by the participants.

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Date: 20 August, 2014
Company: Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co., Ltd.