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  7. Fujitsu Announces Ginga Solution on HD Decoder Family for Latin America DTT market

Fujitsu Announces Ginga Solution on HD Decoder Family for Latin America DTT market

DTT solution for Latin America market with best cost/performance ratio

Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Company Limited

Shang Hai, February 25, 2011

Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announces the adoption of a full Ginga software solution from TQTVD, a Brazilian company in the TOTVS group.

TOTVS will port its Ginga solution to a Fujitsu High Definition (HD) Decoder product family and promote it, together with Fujitsu, as a full system solution to the SBTVD market. The porting will include TOTVS’s ByYouTV* (Ginga-NCL and Ginga-J), ByYouZapper* and Sticker Center* enabling highly competitive end products with best-in-class quality. This solution is fully compliant with the Brazilian standard for digital TV (SBTVD) and can be deployed in all countries that decided to adopt this standard.

With approximately 60 million households Brazil represents the biggest potential for SBTVD in Latin America followed by Argentina with around 13 million households. The process for the deployment of Ginga in these two countries is the most advanced in the SBTVD world. “Fujitsu is targeting the Set-Top Box (STB) and integrated digital television (iDTV) market in Latin America offering system solutions from low cost to high-end rounded up with low power consumption and high quality chip sets for HD Decoding and ISDB-T Demodulation. For these reasons a software solution was sort that presented a small foot print, reliability, stability and was market-proven enabling shortest time–to-market. TOTVS’s Ginga solution fits our expectations very well. I am confident that this is the start of a very promising partnership between both companies” said Miguel Estevez, Strategic Marketing Manager in the Home Entertainment Business Unit of Fujitsu Semiconductor.

"There are a number of key benefits that have motivated TOTVS to start a strategic partnership with Fujitsu for the SBTVD market. These include the very competitive cost of the bill of material (BOM) combined with high performance at low power consumption, as well as the successful history of Fujitsu in the ISDB-T domain as Japanese company and the quality aspects of the chip sets. Sticker Center is also going to become a key feature that will be promoted in combination with the Fujitsu HD Decoder family" stated David Britto, Technology Strategy Director at TOTVS.

An important milestone for both companies is to demonstrate TOTVS’s ByYouTV middleware running on Fujitsu HD Decoder MB86H610 at the CCBN2011 in Beijing from March 23rd – 25th, 2011.

* ByYouTV, ByYouZapper and StickerCenter are registered trademarks of TOTVS


Ginga is a specification for the intermediary software layer standard (middleware) developed for the Brazilian Digital TV System by PUC-Rio and UFPB.

Ginga-NCL is the Ginga subsystem in charge of the presentation of NCL documents and was developed at PUC-Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro).

Ginga-J is the Ginga middleware subsystem which provides an execution infrastructure for Java applications, with functionalities for the Digital TV environment. It defines a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) design in order to achieve a more compelling experience on digital TV environments.

Sticker Center
Sticker Center is an Hybrid Broadcast and Broadband interactive environment based on Ginga standard. It enables an application store where consumers might download and install applications for use on interactive TV.

ISDB-T ISDB-Tb is the short for International System for Digital Broadcast, Terrestrial, Brazilian version and is a Digital TV system based on Japanese ISDB-T (Integrated System for Digital Broadcast, Terrestrial). ISDB-Tb system is also known as SBTVD (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Digital — Brazilian System for Digital Television in English) and is used in Brazil. Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and most recently Bolivia, Ecuador and Costa Rica have decided to adopt ISDB-Tb.

Brief description of MB86H61, Fujitsu's High Definition (HD) Decoder
The MB86H61 is a product family based on a fully featured HD decoder SoC (System-on-Chip) incorporating all the processing functions required by next generation HDTV receivers including advanced security for CI+ and embedded CAS and a low-power stand-by controller - ideal for set-top boxes, PVR and car TV receivers. It incorporates the high performance ARM processor 1176JZF-STM featuring an integrated memory management unit (MMU), a floating point co-processor, ARM's Jazelle® technology and Thumb® instruction set extensions for compact code.

About Totvs

Leading in Brazil with 49.1% of market share, TOTVS is the 7th largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the world. It is the only Latin American company that has its own technological platform for software development. TOTVS provides solutions for companies of all sizes and types through four business sectors – software, technology, consulting and added value services – focusing in ten segments: legal, educational, health, agribusiness, construction and projects, distribution and logistics, manufacture, services, financial services and retail. Currently, TOTVS has a portfolio of more than 27,000 customers.
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About Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003 as Fujitsu’s semiconductor business representative in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Dalian to provide sales and service support to customers throughout China.
Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of products from microcontroller, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), application-specific standard product (ASSP), system-on-chip (SoC) to system memory, that can be supplied as product or complete solution. With technology resource centres and ASIC design support centres strategically located in Hong Kong , Shanghai, Taiwan and Chengdu, as well as Heavy investments in design and engineering capabilities and application support resources, complemented by a regional network of design partners, suppliers and distributors, Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can readily delivers innovative and value-added solutions and varied range of products to its target markets in China.
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Date: 25 February, 2011
City: Shang Hai
Company: Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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