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  7. The Curtain is Lifted on Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition 2010-2011

The Curtain is Lifted on Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition 2010-2011

Achieving the Future of Low-carbon and Environmental-friendly Chip with Your Creativity

Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Company Limited

Shanghai, December 22, 2010

What new ideas about future life do you have? Recently, the curtain has been lifted on "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition hosted by Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fujitsu Semiconductor"). This competition lasts for almost 1 year, is hosted simultaneously across the Strait (Mainland, Taiwan and Hongkong), and is intended to guide cross-strait students to take full advantage of MB9BF506 32-bit microcontroller newly released by Fujitsu Semiconductor and to get and realize their creative ideas about future life through their intelligence and creativity, strengthening the exchange in semiconductor industry.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition centers around future life ideas, is based on MB9BF506 32-bit microcontroller, views "innovation" and "environmental protection" as important judgment standards, and is intended to guide players to make full use of high performance, high operating frequency, powerful processing capability and other features of MB9BF506 and to apply them to real life, making humanized schemes compliant with the requirements of future life. College students and electronics fans will focus on "consumer electronics design plan" and freely make the design and innovation in consumer electronics through technical platform provided by Fujitsu Semiconductor. The most anticipated part is that the Committee will select works which are compliant with future development trend and are suitable for "commercialization" after the competition, concentrate them, jointly make comprehensive schemes showing conceptual scenarios of future life, and invite industrial representatives, government agents, award winners and their academic advisors to experience these unique and creative works together.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition 2010-2011 is widely supported by government, education circles, semiconductor industry and industrial medias across the Strait. Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Semiconductor Industry Association, China Center for Information Industry Development, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center, CIC Chip Implementation Center, Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) and other government departments and institutions provide full support and tender guidance for this competition. As media supporters, EDN China (leading media in semiconductor industry), ChinaECNet, Chinese Journal of Electronics, Electro World, Information and Electronic Engineering, NetEase Technology and Sina Education will report this competition throughout the process.

Guowei Zheng, Vice President of Asia Pacific of Fujitsu Semiconductor, said that "low carbon" and "environmental protection" have become world-wide topics. How can we use these ideas for electronic designs and applications, materialize them into real life and cultivate students' awareness of environmental protection since their school time? Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup "Cross-strait Creative Future" MCU Electronic Design Competition 2010-2011 is based on Fujitsu Semiconductor FM3 family of 32-bit general-purpose microcontrollers for the first time. FM3 family integrates ARM® Cortex™-M3 standard processor core and incorporates 32-bit microcontroller series based on excellent peripheral performance accumulated through developing FR microcontrollers. As a member of Fujitsu Semiconductor's FM3 family of general-purpose microcontrollers, high-performance MB9BF500/400/300/100 series and standard MB9AF100 series are the latest 32-bit general-purpose microcontrollers for consumer electronics and industry from Fujitsu Semiconductor. These products are embedded with high-speed and high-performance NOR Flash memories and peripheral modules which can meet the requirements of high-precision motor control. With new rotor position sensing counter, this series of products can automatically detect and mitigate CPU load and reduce power consumption of variable-frequency systems, achieving energy conservation and environmental protection. Although Cortex-M3 core is used, it can operate at supply voltage of 2.7~5.5V, which make it ideal for small home appliances as well as industrial automation equipments and large home appliances and consequently can be integrated into mobile phones, digital consumer devices, office automation equipments, home appliances and other products closely related to daily life, offer a large creation space to players, and help them design creative works which can influence future life. The Committee will select works which are compliant with future development trend and are suitable for "commercialization", concentrate them and jointly make comprehensive schemes of future life idea, strengthening the communication and exchange across the Strait.

As an important part of Fujitsu Semiconductor University Program, annual Fujitsu Semiconductor Cup Undergraduate MCU Electronic Design Competition has been successfully hosted four times and has established excellent reputation among the industry and universities. The reason why Fujitsu Semiconductor continuously selects MCU products as the subject of competition is that the MCU is a fundamental course of electronics-related departments and plays an increasingly important role. The MCU can integrate a computer system into a single chip, consequently is equivalent to a microcomputer, can be applied to all aspects of our lives and is indispensable to not only automotives, but also portable electronic devices and various digital products. In this competition, Fujitsu Semiconductor selects 32-bit microcontroller as the subject for the first time so as to guide college students to develop products meeting market demands and drive the development of higher education and talent cultivation.

If you want to experience endless charm of future life, please pay attention to and join Fujitsu Semiconductor in achieving this innovation. Let’s anticipate cross-strait people creating brighter future together!

About Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

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Press Release ID: 2010-12-22
Date: 22 December, 2010
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Company: Fujitsu Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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