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  7. Fujitsu Semiconductor Announces Strategic Partnership with Taiwan-based Skyviia for Compelling Multimedia Solutions

Fujitsu Semiconductor Announces Strategic Partnership with Taiwan-based Skyviia for Compelling Multimedia Solutions

- Partnership enables differentiated value preposition of two companies to address three-network convergence trend -

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Yokohama, Japan, November 18, 2010

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (Fujitsu Semiconductor) announced today, that a strategic partnership was established with Skyviia Corporation (Skyviia), a Taiwan-based market pioneer in SoC system solution for digital multimedia products, that aims to build a stronger footprint for Fujitsu Semiconductor in the global home entertainment market and further enhance its design and development of related product portfolio, where the emerging market offers tremendous opportunities for promising applications like set-top-boxes, TV sets and digital media adaptors.

Taking advantage of the expertise of Fujitsu Semiconductor and Skyviia, both companies target to strengthen the collaboration to enable enhanced capability of offering SoC solutions for the fast growing, and rapidly spreading global trend of Internet enabled TVs and set-top-boxes, such as the three-networks convergence project in China driving the integration of the country's telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and Internet networks. The companies will jointly offer solutions for the promising market of emerging applications for home entertainment in the near future, including Internet-Enable TV, IPTV, hybrid STB, and appliances for three-network convergence.

"With the increasing demand driven by the three-network convergence, the bar of performance for set-top-boxes has been pushed higher and higher. When more processing power, compelling features and better connectivity are required in set-top-boxes, solution providers should be more visionary and dynamic to address market demands and challenges," said Michael Shih, Corporate Senior Vice President, Asian Operation of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited. "The strategic partnership with Skyviia is an important step for us to fast evolve our capability in the upfront promising markets by leveraging both our technologies and Skyviia's expertise in integrating audio/video, internet and interactive, as well as providing high-end multimedia turnkey solutions across various operating systems."

As a leading IC solution provider in the development of radio and television, Fujitsu Semiconductor has dedicated to the advances of high-definition digital television, radio/television networks and new media for decades and delivering complete video solutions in a wide range of products from consumer applications including set-top boxes and home network appliances, to industrial applications such as security cameras and broadcasting equipment.

"Fujitsu Semiconductor is a leader in transforming the audio and visual world and we are extremely excited to have them as a partner," said Dr. Fuja Shone, CEO of Skyviia. "Fujitsu Semiconductor's support, through investment, strategic partnership and joint marketing, is expected to help us gain customers visibility in a boarder horizon, as well as to benefit the both companies in innovations with our expertise in complete SoC system solutions, user interface modification and software turnkey solution service with various operating systems, such as Linux, Android and Qt."

Hot on the heels of the three-network convergence project directly by the Chinese government, both Fujitsu Semiconductor and Skyviia are even more well positioned, under the strategic partnership, to take advantage of emerging opportunities with provision of differentiated product portfolio and solutions with better performance, quality and reliability in the market.

About Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited designs, manufactures, and sells semiconductors, providing highly reliable, optimal solutions and support to meet the varying needs of its customers. Products and services include microcontrollers, ASICs, ASSPs, and power management ICs, with wide-ranging expertise focusing on mobile, ecological, automotive, imaging, security, and high-performance applications. Fujitsu Semiconductor also drives power efficiency and environmental initiatives. Headquartered in Yokohama, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (formerly named Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited) was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited on March 21, 2008. Through its global sales and development network, with sites in Japan and throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Fujitsu Semiconductor offers semiconductor solutions to the global marketplace.

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Press Release ID: 2010-11-18
Date: 18 November, 2010
City: Yokohama, Japan
Company: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited


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