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  7. Fujitsu Semiconductor Releases New System Controller LSI with High-Performance Graphics for Automotive Applications

Fujitsu Semiconductor Releases New System Controller LSI with High-Performance Graphics for Automotive Applications

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Company Limited

Shanghai, July 29, 2010

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. today announced the forthcoming release of six products in the MB91590 series of system controllers for automotive dashboards (instrument clusters using color displays) and center consoles (onboard information displays). The new products will start becoming available in late September 2010. This series of vehicle-system LSI devices integrates the FR81S, a high-performance CPU core that has an established achievement as the vehicle microcontroller (system controller), with a graphics-display controller and functions for video capture and communications.

The company also announced the forthcoming release of two products in the MB91570 series of microcontrollers for segment-display dashboard panels. These products will start becoming available in late December 2010.


Figure 1. MB91590 series

Larger View (61 KB)

As advanced vehicle electronics are being deployed as new control systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, the trend towards higher performance and increasing integration of functionality in these control units is expected to continue. These systems require high-performance system controllers that can respond to information coming from a variety of peripheral components in real time and that can display this information using rich graphics. In addition, the need to display video is also expected to grow, as onboard cameras are increasingly being used for improved safety.


Figure 2. Road-map of 32 bit microcontroller for dashboards

Larger View (94 KB)

To meet these needs in applications for dashboards and other human-machine interface systems in automotives, Fujitsu Semiconductor is launching six products in the MB91590 series, all of which are single-chip system controllers that integrate the FR81S, a world-class, high-performance CPU core, with a graphics-display controller that has outstanding sprite functions, video capture to input from exterior video signals, and communications functions, including CAN and LIN. The company will also launch two products in the MB01570 series for dashboards using segment liquid-crystal displays.

To ensure that developers can work these products into their designs with minimum difficulty, Fujitsu Semiconductor is offering a starter kit, sample programs, a graphic-design tool that allows designers to try out screen designs visually, and a graphics library.

Fujitsu Semiconductor plans to expand its product line to meet the diverse needs for electronic dashboard controllers.

Sample Release Schedule

Product Price Sample release schedule
MB91F591 USD20 End of Sept. 2010
MB91F592 USD21.1 End of Sept. 2010
MB91F594 USD22.2 End of Sept. 2010
MB91F596 USD22.2 End of March 2011
MB91F597 USD23.3 End of March 2011
MB91F599 USD24.4 End of March 2011
MB91F575 USD13.3 End of Dec. 2010
MB91F577 USD14.4 End of Dec. 2010

Sales Target

2 million units per Year

Product Features

  1. FR81S high-performance 32-bit CPU core
    The models in this series use the FR81S core running at 128 MHz. With a CAN embedded microcontroller, this offers world-class high-speed processing function. It also incorporates a single-precision floating-point unit for filtering and other high-speed image processing, as well as a memory-protection unit that can guard access to regions of memory. To make the most of the CPU’s performance, it includes EcoRAPID, a new macro for NOR flash memory, along with faster and low-power MCU operations.
  2. Includes graphics controller for rich 2D graphics (MB91590 series only)
    In addition to advanced sprite functionality, with features for automatic blinking, movement animation, and anti-aliasing, this incorporates numerous display functions in high demand for dashboard monitors, including internal video memory, line drawing, and region copy. The video-capture function can accept digital YUB/RGB video signals and includes an NTSC decoder to handle analog video. It can zoom captured images and perform 90° rotations. In addition, because it can expand and display run-length encoded video, it demands relatively little memory capacity to handle video data.
  3. Well-chosen support for peripheral functions
    This series supports a well-chosen assortment of peripheral dashboard-system functions, including a stepping-motor controller, sound generator for turning signals and alarms, and a UART that supports CAN and LIN, with a 64-message buffer ideal for vehicle network control. Additional utility features, such as a CR internal oscillator, hardware watchdog, and low-voltage circuit, minimize the number of peripheral components required.

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Press Release ID: 2010-07-29
Date: 29 July, 2010
City: Shanghai
Company: Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


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