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  7. Fujitsu Microelectronics further explores education investment in "Joint Educational Lab" to create innovative new experience

Fujitsu Microelectronics further explores education investment in "Joint Educational Lab" to create innovative new experience

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Company Limited

Shanghai, June 26, 2008

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announces that Fujitsu will establish Joint Educational Lab together with the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, and will carry out Students Research Training (SRT in short) project based on this and strive to establish a platform which the university students can participate in innovation and practice and encourage students to carry out innovative experiment under the guidance of teachers.

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been very concerned about the higher education in the domestic semiconductor field. Since 2003, it has established scholarships in the relevant domestic institutions and carried out Fujitsu lectures, Fujitsu Microelectronics Cup Series contest and jointly built Laboratories, courses, taken activities like chips donation, university student innovative research projects in universities and colleges to promote Fujitsu Microelectronics University project in multifaceted and comprehensive way. It not only has gained a good social effect, but also promoted the development of the semiconductor industry.

The mature software stacks of the chipset have been proven in the previous generation product, and the power management schemes have been optimized at the system level. These advantages enable mobile WiMAX terminal manufacturers to focus on designing attractive user interfaces and service-oriented applications.

Fujitsu Microelectronics, senior vice president Edwin Kwong said "the joint lab which is established with the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is one of the university projects in the year 2008 of Fujitsu Microelectronics. It is designed to provide students a platform of encouraging innovation, improving the practical ability, so that students can understand the professional information and apply what they have learned into practice, and it can help promote the teaching reform of the universities, and truly improve their independent practice and operation ability to lay a solid foundation for future success on jobs In addition, we also hope that through the whole project, we can train and reserve personnel for the semiconductor industry with colleges and universities. It is the main reason for our concern on higher education of domestic semiconductor field. "

"Students Research and Training" (SRT) is targeted at undergraduate students and it is a scientific research training project. It is a measure in the stage of undergraduate teaching reform. In 1996, China began to create and implement SRT plans. Many of the colleges and universities have carried out this project. The form of SRT is to carry out extra-curricular scientific research activities under the guidance of teachers and it takes students as the main body. SRT plans implement a two-way choice of students and instructors. Students can choose projects according to their own actual conditions. Compared with classroom teaching, the knowledge scope of SRT projects is broader and deeper. In the course of project implementation, we can train students to “take the initiative" and carry out independence training like investigation and research, gain access to documentation, analyze and formulate scheme, design or experiment, analyze and summarize. We not only can give full play to the independence and initiative of the students, but also enhance independent thinking and critical spirit of the students. The students who complete SRT plans can receive the appropriate credits and accomplishments. If they can reach a certain level, it can also replace the relevant curriculum design and graduation design.

The relevant director of the joint lab in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Laboratory, the dean of Telecom department in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Professor Zheng Enrang said: "we appreciate Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for their support to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology. The joint laboratory which we work together to establish is not only a gift for the 50th anniversary of the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology but also a more powerful support to our in-depth reform of teaching, and it improves their independent thinking and practical ability, and many other projects undertaken. We believe that our cooperation will contribute to Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to provide talents to the society and the semiconductor industry"

It is learnt that the major development tool of Fujitsu Microelectronics and universities is the Starter Kit - MB2146-403-01 tool and chips which are newly developed and promoted to the market. This choice of the development tool is mainly due to its easy entry, and it is more suitable for students to carry out innovative experiments.

About Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003 as Fujitsu’s semiconductor business representative in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Dalian to provide sales and service support to customers throughout China.
Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of products from microcontroller, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), application-specific standard product (ASSP), system-on-chip (SoC) to system memory, that can be supplied as product or complete solution. With technology resource centres and ASIC design support centres strategically located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as Heavy investments in design and engineering capabilities and application support resources, complemented by a regional network of design partners, suppliers and distributors, Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can readily delivers innovative and value-added solutions and varied range of products to its target markets in China.
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Press Release ID: 2008-06-26
Date: 26 June, 2008
City: Shanghai
Company: Fujitsu Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


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