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Environmental Activities


On September 18, 2009, our company had passed the certification implemented by Guangzhou CEPREI Certification Body based on ISO 14001 environment standard management system requirements.
In the future, we will continue with daily company operations to provide our customers with environment-friendly systems while making advances in energy conservation and resource recycling.

Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy


The Fujitsu Group recognizes that environmental protection is a vitally important business issue. By utilizing our technological expertise in the IT industry and our creative talents, we seek to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development. In addition, while observing all environmental regulations in our business operations, we are actively pursuing environmental protection activities on our own initiative. Through our individual and collective actions, we will continuously strive to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations.

Action Principles

  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout the product lifecycle.
  • We are committed to conserving energy and natural resources, and practice a 3R approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) to create best-of-breed eco-friendly products.
  • We seek to reduce risks to human health and the environment from the use of harmful chemical substances or waste.
  • Through our IT products and solutions, we help customers reduce the environmental impact of their activities and improve environmental efficiency.
  • We disclose environment-related information on our business activities, products and services, and we utilize the resulting feedback to critique ourselves in order to further improve our environmental programs.
  • We encourage our employees to work to improve the environment, bearing in mind the impact of their business activities and their civic responsibilities.

Our Environmental Policy

Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology (FNST) follows the environmental policy of Fujitsu Group. To achieve a sustainable, fulfilling life for everyone, we are contributing to solve the environmental problems of the earth by utilizing our information processing technology and creative talents. Our company will strictly obey the terms and conditions restricted by applicable environment-related laws and regulations, agreements, as well as acceptance requirements.

  • Obey relevant laws and regulations, and to be socially responsible
  • Develop environmental consciousness, and everyone should participate in environmental protection activities
  • Provide IT products and solutions, improve environmental efficiency while reducing environmental loading
  • Conserve resources and reduce energy consumption
  • Enhance management system and implement continuous environmental improvement

Scope of Registration Activity

Application service design, building and supply of information systems (record the content of management system assessment registration)

Registered Business Entity

Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., LTD

Date of certification acquisition

September 18, 2009

Certification Body

Guangzhou CEPREI Certification Body

Registration Number