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Fujitsu Electronics Asia Environmental Policy

Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd., recognize that the maintenance of the global environment is commonness to the human race and becoming the most important problem. In our providing the commodity and the service of the electronic devices products, we positively promote the active conduct of business in harmony with environmental conservation.

We strive to work on a premeditated, continuous environmental preservation, and environmental pollution prevention by all employees. Our policy is declared as follows:

Maintenance of Environmental Management System

a. Construct, implement and maintain environmental management system and execute those continual improvements and prevent pollution.

b. Provide education and trainings to increase staff awareness on environmental conservation and preservation.

Development of Environmental-Friendly Business

a. Provision and proposal of environmental-friendly products.

b. Promotion of green purchase.

Promotion of Environmental-Friendly Activity

a. Energy-saving and resource-saving.

b. Proper management of wastes.

c. Tackling climate change and preservation of biodiversity through business and civic activities.

d. Comply with laws and regulations and other requirements laid down as by our organization.