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CHART: EIA U.S. Electric Power Generation

"More than 10% of all electricity is ultimately lost due to conversion inefficiencies. The scale of this loss exceeds the world's entire supply of renewable generation by an order of magnitude."


Power conversion works via rapidly switching circuits, which enable the transformation of electricity from one form to another. Transphorm's efficiency breakthrough comes in the form of a revolutionary material known as Gallium Nitride, or "GaN", which switches at far higher frequencies than traditional components. This superior material, coupled with innovative circuit design, enables the world's most efficient, most compact, and most cost-effective power conversion technology.

Transphorm's technology is paving the way for a revolution in energy efficiency. Easily embedded in virtually any electrical system and protected by more than 30 patents, Transphorm's application-specific power modules represent the first-ever complete solution for today's dramatically inefficient systems.

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Discretes 600V
R(on) (mΩ) (max) TO-220 (Drain Tab) TO-220 (Source Tab) TO-247 (Source Tab) PQFN88 (Drain Tab) PQFN88 (Source Tab)
350 TPH3202PD TPH3202PS TPH3202LD TPH3202LS
180 TPH3206PD TPH3206PS TPH3206LD TPH3206LS
63 TPH3205WS
Discretes 650V
R(on) (mΩ) (max) TO-220 (Drain Tab) TO-220 (Source Tab) TO-247 (Source Tab) PQFN88 (Drain Tab) PQFN88 (Source Tab)
130 TPH3208PS TPH3208LD TPH3208LS
85 TPH3212PS
41 TPH3207WS
Module 600V
R(on) (mΩ) (max) Description Device
34 Half-bridge Module TPD3215M

*Offers larger gate pad

TPH3202PD (1.31 MB )
TPH3202PS (1.46 MB )
TPH3202LD (974 KB)
TPH3202LS (978 KB)
TPH3206PD (1.42 MB )
TPH3206PS (1.46 MB )
TPH3206LD (978 KB)
TPH3206LS (982 KB)
TPH3206LDG (880 KB)*
TPH3205WS (1.34 MB )
TPH3208PS (1.32 MB )
TPH3208LD (922 KB)
TPH3208LS (928 KB)
TPH3208LDG (1.11 MB )*
TPH3212PS (1.32 MB )
TPH3207WS (917 KB)
TPD3215M (1.09 MB )
Part Number Topology Application Featured Product
TDMC2000E0I-KIT 3-phase bridge Motor Drive, Solar TPT3044M
TDMC4000E0I-KIT 3-phase bridge 4 kW, 3-phase inverter kit with servo motor TPT3016M
TDPS1000E0E10-KIT Hard Switched 1/2 Bridge, Buck or Boost PV Inverter, Motor Drive Inverter, PFC or Bridge TPH3006PS, TPH3006PD
TDPS250E2D2-KIT All-in-one power supply Computer power supply, 200 kHz, 250 W TPH3002PS, TPH3002PD, TPH3002LD, TPH3002LS
TDPS251E0D2-KIT LLC 200 kHz, 250 W, LLC resonant bridge TPH3002PS, TPH3002PD, TPH3002LS, TPH3002LD
TDPS300E1A8-KIT PFC 750 kHz PFC, 320 Watt TPH3006PS, TPH3002PS
TDPS500E2A2-KIT PFC High efficiency, 133 kHz, PFC TPH3006PS
TDPS500E2C1-KIT Totem-pole PFC High efficiency bridgeless PFC TPH3006PS, TPH3006PD
TDPS501E0A-KIT Boost daughter board PFC or boost TPH3006PS, TPH3002PS
TDPV1000E0C1-KIT Inverter Single phase, 1 kW Solar PV Inverter, Motor Drive TPH3006PS, TPH3006PD
Application Note Featured Product Topology Evaluation Board
AN0002-Switch Characteristics of Transphorm GaN HEMTs
AN0003-Layout and probe
AN0004 - Designing Hard-switched Bridges with GaN TPH3006PS, TPH3006PD Hard-switched half Bridge TDPS1000E0E10

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