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semiconductor products Our power semiconductors are used widely in power conversion. We have the world’s top share in bridge diodes, general rectifying diodes, high-speed diodes, and other diodes, which make up the core of our business developments. Moreover, we offer a broad lineup with attention paid also to the development of high-functionality power semiconductors like ICs and MOSFETs.
Power system products With power circuit technology accumulated over many years, we provide a variety of power supplies including high-efficiency, low-noise AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, and inverters. We also possess an abundance of proven technologies central to the environmental and new energy markets such as system interconnections, as well as battery protectors, charge/discharge control, and bidirectional converters. We welcome inquiries.
car electronics products Our electrical products have developed around a center of products for motorcycles such as regulators and CDI. For automobiles, we also develop and sell high-efficiency DC/DC converters for eco-friendly HEVs and the like. For generators, we develop since wave inverters, ECUs utilizing our unique software technology, etc.