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Human Resource Policy

Excellent people and rich development experience

Nanjing is a city of research and education, with a number of talented people. It is also the IT industry base of China

Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu Province with about 8.5 million residents
There are 45 universities in Nanjing, and it is a city of research which covers the major academic research and study areas in China. (Other cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an .etc)

Nanjing is at a key location with extremely convenient means of transporation
Railway: Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou .etc
Direct flight: Japan (Tokyo/Osaka), Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, Germany .etc

Nanjing is a city that embraces multiple cultures as there are many foreigners.
Among those foreigners in Nanjing, most of them are from Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea

Preferential policy for IT industry
The government has released a number of preferential policies for IT industry


FNST's HR Policy

We have excellent people that can meet all the requirements for business development of Fujitsu Group

  • As the R&D center of Fujitsu Group in China, we have talented employees
  • Competitive remuneration package and low dismissal ratio ensure stable groups of first-class human resources
  • We have established long-term partnership with each companies and subsidiaries of Fujitsu Group in various aspects

Capability of communication in different languages including English and Japanese

A training system with professional lecturers and related incentives system have been established

Most employees can communicate in English directly

Through cooperation with Japanese enterprises overseas, relevant software development business (in English) has been greatly promoted

A customer-oriented overseas training/dispatch program has been established

Cross-culture communication relating to development management: management training for middle managers

Since 2006, we have sent middle managers to Japan for a 3-month training session.

  • Learned about Fujitsu's practice of project management and quality management
  • Reinforced capabilities of communication in Japanese and obtained further understanding about the Japanese culture
  • Till December 2007, all middle managers have completed their training in Japan

Technological exchange of software development: Training program for technical employees

Since 2003, we have been sending 10 excellent employees to Japan for training every year

  • Learned about Japanese-style development method and project management experience
  • Improved Japanese language skill and obtained further understanding about Japanese culture

Move closer to end user requirement: On-site dispatch system

Since 2005, we have been dispatching technical employees to Japan for on-site work according to business requirements

Established Japan Branch Company: The Japan Branch was established in July 2007

  • Set up a contact window that can respond to customer needs in a timely manner
  • All the final products are checked by our employees at Japan Branch to ensure high-level of quality management