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Reduction of Environmental Burden in Our Business Activities

Environmentally Efficient Business Operations

Fujitsu, as a global ICT company, believe it is important that our business operations are as environmentally efficient as possible.

Fujitsu's business operations are supported across the globe by factories, data centers, R&D laboratories, offices, warehouses, support centers, and logistics and transport networks. Employing 140,000 people in more than 100 countries we are acutely conscious of the potential environmental impact of our business operations.

We strive constantly to minimize environmental impacts by enforcing stringent environmental criteria in our procurement processes and making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation, and we work with our entire value chain to help improve the sustainability of the products and services that our suppliers provide.

Reducing Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions at Plants and Offices

We constantly work on reducing the amount of materials and energy used in our business operations, improving environmental performance at our data centers, and actively introducing renewable energy.

Reducing CO2 Emissions across the Supply Chain

We are promoting environmental burden reduction across the supply chain together with our business partners.

Reducing the Amount of Water Used

We engage in initiatives for water recycling and reuse at each plant, including water saving, pure water recycling and rain water use.

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Reducing Chemical Substances Emissions

We carefully manage about 1,300 chemical substances in the Fujitsu Group to prevent environmental risks due to use of harmful chemical substances that could lead to natural environmental pollution or adverse health effects.

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Limiting Amounts of Waste Generated

We see waste as a valuable resource and continuously work to recover resources from our waste and to use that waste as an energy source.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Boosting Energy Intensity at Our Business Sites

We constantly work on reducing the amount of materials and energy used in our business operations, reducing the amount of chemicals, waste and air pollutants generated through our business operations, and minimizing production costs.

  • Efforts to Prevent Global Warming
  • Waste Management
  • Efficient Use of Water Resources
  • Chemical Substances Management
  • Prevention of Air, Water, Soil/Groundwater Pollution

Drive Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Supply Chain

To provide our customers with products and services that have minimal environmental impact, the Fujitsu Group is promoting green procurement together with our business partners.

Reduce CO2 Emissions from Transportation

The Fujitsu Group are promoting the rationalization and streamlining of logistics in our whole global supply chain and working to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions.


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