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Protection of Intellectual Property

Our Basic Approach toward Intellectual Property

One of the principles of The FUJITSU Way code of conduct is to "protect and respect intellectual property." In line with this statement, all Fujitsu Group employees recognize intellectual property as an important business asset that supports Group activities and gives our customers a sense of safety and trust in the Group as their partner, so employees are required to keep this constantly in mind as they perform their duties. We established an internal rule in order to encourage the proper handling of intellectual property in October 1995. This rule not only specifies what all employees should do to acquire, maintain and use intellectual property rights, but also directs them to respect those of other companies.

Role of Our Intellectual Property Strategy

At Fujitsu Group, our intellectual property strategy is based on our management strategy and is integrated with our business, research and development, and standardization strategies. To that end, from the earliest stages of our business activities, we implement a multilateral analysis focused on intellectual property to ensure that we can proceed based on the results of this analysis.

By implementing our intellectual property strategy, we will endeavor to maximize the value of the intellectual property assets of the entire Fujitsu Group.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Management Structure of Intellectual Property Rights

Fujitsu established a Legal, Compliance and Intellectual Property Unit as one of its corporate centers. The Unit deals with all problems relating to laws, compliance, and intellectual property. The Unit also takes charge of developing and planning the intellectual property strategies of the Group, utilizing intellectual property, including licensing of intellectual property rights, and promoting strategic standardization activities .In each business group, an intellectual property strategy manager is appointed and assures seamless cooperation between the research and development sections and the intellectual property sections. To promote efficient global business operations, the Fujitsu Group is making efforts to appropriately acquire, maintain, and utilize its intellectual property throughout the world.

Furthermore, in the U.S., the Fujitsu Patent Center we established in April of 2008 in an effort to improve our ability to acquire patent rights is working to improve the quality of our patents by expanding its activities.

Organizational Chart

Initiatives for Global Standardization

Spreading standardization that promotes technology with shared specifications brings about improvements in high quality products plus convenient and low-cost services for consumers, while also including benefits for the whole industry, such as creating and expanding markets for standards compliant products and technologies, and making development investment more efficient.

In order to increase value for consumers and contribute to global development, Fujitsu actively supports the activities, focusing on the field of ICT, of international standardization bodies, including ITU (the International Telecommunication Union), ISO (the International Standards Organization), and IEC(the International Electro technical Commission).

Contribution to Global Environmental Protection

Based on the statement "In all our actions, we protect the environment and contribute to society," which is included in the FUJITSU Way Corporate Value, the Fujitsu Group contributes to the protection of the global environment from the perspective of intellectual property. We have positioned "technology that contributes to the protection of the global environment" as one of our important themes, and are maintaining awareness of the environment by cooperating with the business unit as early as in the stage of searching for useful inventions.

To raise our employee's awareness of environmental issues, we have established a system for awarding those who have made remarkable contributions to the creation or use of intellectual property for the protection of the global environment.

Contributing to Regional Communities

Among the patents held by the Fujitsu Group, there are patents that have lost relevance due to changes in our business strategy, as well as patents that can create significant value if applied outside of the Group. By licensing these types of patents as technological seeds along with our expertise, we are actively working to allow the results of our R&D to be utilized in the wider community. Promoting alliances in this regard with municipalities, regional banks, and universities across Japan has created new business for small and medium sized companies, and we have been able to contribute to regional revitalization.

For example, in the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture where the Fujitsu Head Office is located, the municipality is introducing intellectual property, from open patents, etc. held by large corporations, to small and medium sized businesses. This supports the elevation of product technology expertise at small and medium sized businesses. Fujitsu is actively involved in this endeavor and since 2007 has concluded 15 licensing agreements with small and medium sized businesses in Kawasaki-city (as of June 2014).

Education and Enlightenment for Effectively Implementing Our Intellectual Property Strategy

The Fujitsu Group places importance on the employee education required so that employees are able to implement our intellectual property strategy integrated with our business, research and development, and standardization strategies when performing their activities. Having developed a training system for increasing awareness of intellectual property and for fulfilling the needs of individual employees in their respective careers, we continue to offer a large number of training programs to provide strategic employee education. This includes two types of training programs, e-Learning and classroom education, which are offered in effective and efficient combinations.

The training promotes employee awareness for understanding the importance of Fujitsu's intellectual property strategy, and for implementing our intellectual property strategy in a united approach aligned with our business, R&D, and standardization strategies.

Intellectual Property Reports

In the interest of being thorough in disclosing activities involving intellectual property throughout the Fujitsu Group, we have been issuing annual intellectual property reports since2006. These reports contain a wealth of information that ranges from the aims and roles of Fujitsu intellectual property strategies to initiatives and statistics.