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Innovation Management

Basic Philosophy of Innovation Management

Fujitsu's vision of a human-centric intelligent society refers to creating innovation by making use of the power of ICT(Information Communication Technology) and by bringing out maximum human potential to realize a safe, secure, prosperous and sustainable society. In a hyper-connected world, in which everything is connected through networks, new ideas are created and the speed of innovation accelerates using human centric ICT that integrates new technologies. These include cloud computing, big data, social networking and the Internet of Things (IoT). This kind of world will bring about human empowerment, creative intelligence and connected infrastructure as new approaches that create innovation. At Fujitsu Laboratories, we are carrying out our research activities reflecting this approach.


The mission of Fujitsu Laboratories is to drive the growth of the Fujitsu Group, creating innovation and implementing new business models that are based on technology platforms.

Fujitsu Laboratories conducts research and development using investments from Fujitsu and affiliated companies. The Technical Strategy Committee and Technical Strategy Task Force, made up of members selected from the Fujitsu Group, discuss the direction in which the Group should move and synchronize objectives of research and business while formulating at ethnical strategy over the medium term. In addition, using open innovation, we carry out research and development from along-term perspective by working in cooperation with universities and research institutions in Japan and abroad and by participating in the planning of national projects.

R&D Scheme

Research Themes

The research themes of Fujitsu Laboratories are divided into three categories: research for near-term commercialization, advanced research and seeds-oriented research, depending on the stage of commercialization. The allotment of resources is decided on a top-down basis. Among the three, we placed emphasis on advanced research for expanding the business and enhancement of competitiveness, and roughly half of our resources are allotted to it. The subject of the advanced research is decided with the approval of the Technology Strategy Committee and Technology Strategy Task Force. Regarding the themes of the advanced research, research and development are carried out in four innovation domains established for the three approaches to innovation creation and the common foundation that supports them.

  1. Ubiquitous innovation
    Creating services and developing front-end interfaces linking people, data, and infrastructure
  2. Social innovation
    Expansion of social business through effective use of data and information
  3. ICT Innovation
    Development of new integrated ICT platforms to generate new value.
  4. Manufacturing innovation
    Development of hardware/software technologies essential to the technology value chain.

Global Partnerships

Fujitsu Laboratories Group currently has two R&D sites in Japan and three overseas R&D sites as subsidiaries of Fujitsu Laboratories. We collaborate in 107 R&D global projects spanning the world in 16 countries for the promotion of open innovation. Moreover, at our overseas laboratories, we are engaged in technology marketing, partnering activities, and human resource development, while also contributing to the Fujitsu Group's business in each global region.

Global Collaborations

107 R&D projects in 16 countries worldwide